Valentine mason jar

Hi there everyone!

Today I am sharing a quick Valentine mason jar experiment.

Valentine mason jar

You know I love to be the mad scientist in the kitchen, and not so much with cooking, but with crafting.

You know how I have done all this Rit dye and mod podge experiments combined, and then even a few with gesso and rit dye?

Well, today, I thought I would try the experiment with Chalky-paint and Rit dye.

Worked like a charm.

mason jar painted with chalky-paint and rit dye

I took a plain glass mason jar and first painted on the white Chalky-paint.

Let completely dry

Americanadecor chalkypaint

Then came in with the color teal rit dye which I have used before on my Coastal vase

painting a mason jar with chalky paint and rit dye

Let that completely dry

mason jar with chalky paint and rit dye

 and it turned out perfect.

The rit dye immediately took to it and created a nice natural texture.

chalk-paint and rit dye mason jar

 Now I have to go and do some more and experiment with different colors.

mason jar 011

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out my experiment with Chalky-paint and rit dye.

mason jar love


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Hope you follow me around.

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  1. says

    I love this idea it sounds so simple and easy I have been saving my jars for decorating outside this summer great idea. Love your blog one of my favorites I always look forward to see what you have done next. Keep it up.

  2. says

    Debbie , this is Gloria again I want to order some of the Decor Chalky paint from Home Depot. Do you like it? I have never used any chalk paint but have two old pieces I want to try. I want an antique white but I can’t tell from the names of the colors which one would work if you could direct me to the right color. Thanks again

  3. says

    Wow, I wanted to purchase some rit dye to make some old faded black jeans look new but, this just opened a whole new avenue for me to explore. Thank you so much for sharing I love then jars!

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