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Hello Hello… DebbieDoos readers. I am so excited that Debbie asked me to be part of her Home Tour series here on her blog. If you have not been to my blog, my name is Diane and I love everything creative, colorful, and DIY.

I have lived in my house over 20 years and as someone who enjoys DIY and decorating, my house has seen A LOT of changes. I have had plenty of time for trial and error which has helped me streamline my style. I love my house more now than I ever have before.

My blog logo reflects my style – lots of white with plenty of color pops.

200px-In-My-Own-Style-Logo In her own style diy home tour



A few years ago, I stripped the carpet from the staircase in my foyer. The steps were made of pine boards, but I didn’t let that stop me from redoing them. It was not easy, but well worth every bit of effort my husband and I but into it.

How-to-paint-a-wall-using-a-stencil_thumb In her own style diy home tour

Photo-7_thumb In her own style diy home tour

Bright-and-white-doors_thumb In her own style diy home tour

Photo-1_thumb In her own style diy home tour


I named this room my Studioffice since it is part office and part studio. It is my favorite room in my house. I spend quite a bit of time in here – creating projects and taking photos of them for my blog.

Billy-Bookcase-In-My-Own-Style-blog_thumb In her own style diy home tour

Office-desk-In-My-Own-Style-blog_thumb In her own style diy home tour

How-to-paint-doors_1_thumb In her own style diy home tour

In-My-Own-Style-blog-Furniture-Before-and-After-Vintage-Wood-File-Drawer-Cabinet_thumb In her own style diy home tour

Family Room

This room has been the hardest room to decorate. It is narrow and has a focal feature on every wall. Once I created a floating furniture grouping in the center of the room it all started to come together. I have used DIY Chalk paint on quite a few of the pieces.

Decorating-Ideas-for-the-Family-Room_thumb In her own style diy home tour

with-mirrors_thumb In her own style diy home tour

Dining Room

Everything I do to decorate my home has been done on a very tight budget. This brass chandelier makeover saved me hundreds of dollars since I did not have to buy a new one.

Cottage-Chic-Painted-Chandelier-In-My-Own-Style-blog_thumb In her own style diy home tour

Dining-Room-Decorating-Ideas_thumb In her own style diy home tour

In-My-Own-Style-blog-before-and-after-using-DIY-Chalk-Paint_thumb In her own style diy home tour


I recently have been updating my kitchen. I am using lots of color. The chairs were dark green with natural wood seats. I have painted them 3 times in the 20 years since I have had them. From green to yellow to black and now multi-colors. This by far is the most colorful transformation they have had.

In-My-Own-Style-blog-Furniture-Makeover-ideas-using-spray-paint_thumb In her own style diy home tour

In-My-Own-Style-Blog-Kitchen-shelf-changeable-color-backdrop_thumb In her own style diy home tour

Furniture-Makeover-Stripping-furniture-tutorial-on-In-My-Own-Style-blog_thumb In her own style diy home tour

Master Bedroom

I will be updating some of the colors in my bedroom soon. The new bed quilt is the first new addition the room has had in a long time.

Bedroom-Decor-Quilts_thumb1 In her own style diy home tour


Guest Room

To make the guest room more inviting for guests. I used lots of fabric and paint to update a roomful of hand-me down furniture.

Easy-Headboard_side-view_thumb In her own style diy home tour

Upstairs Bathroom

I redid this bathroom top to bottom for $265.

DIY-Bathroom-Makeover-After_thumb In her own style diy home tour


This is the room where most people enter my house. I call it Grand Central Station. Lots of action happens in here.

Foyer-organizing-and-Decorating_thumb In her own style diy home tour

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

If you would like to see more of the rooms in my home or find the step-by-step tutorials on how I decorated them on a very tight budget. Check out my Project Gallery where you can find out the details over at my blog,

Thanks Debbie for asking me to share my home with your readers.

My best- Diane

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  1. says

    I loved the tour! The studioffice is an amazing room. The updated dining room chandelier and the colorful kitchen chairs are beautiful. Now I’m off to see how she did the bathroom for $265.

  2. says

    Diane has such a fun home! I loved following along with her studio/office makeover. She comes up with so many great ideas and they are affordable! I had the pleasure of meeting Diane at Haven this past year ~ she is the nicest person! It was great to see Diane’s home featured today, Debbie.

  3. says

    LOVE, love her home, especially the pops of color! The chairs painted different colors made my heart smile. I can’t wait to visit her blog (which is new to me) and peruse all the rooms.

    Thanks so much to both of you for sharing!

  4. says

    Good grief. I have a gazillion things to do this afternoon, and I felt the need to sit down with a cup of joe and take one of Debbiedo’s home tours. As usual… I am so glad I did. I loved this one, and the combination of a vintage look with the fresh bright colors in this house is such a perfect combination. I love it all, especially that dining room.

    And the studio…
    And the foyer…

  5. says

    Oh my…what a gorgeous home…love all the beautiful details such as the gallery wall and the wonderful vibrant colors though out…I just loved looking at each picture over and over!…such wonderful inspiration in every corner!!…Great, great feature Debbie…Have a wonderful weekend to you and Diane!

  6. Terri says

    Diane, I loved your home tour and so need your help to get my own home ready to put on the market in mid-March. I already have a couple of people who are interested in it! I am ready to move on, and then I took your home tour. Now, I am rethinking that decision – lol. I am ready to move on and must. I wish my camera worked, so that you could send me some ideas of what to try and make it more appealing. Oh well, if wishes were….

  7. says

    I have visited there before but I have to say that all of those colors are wonderful! I’m off to visit again. I just love your home tours, Debbie.

  8. Maria Acevedo says

    I love all you have done,I wish you could see my home out here in Puerto Rico and all my inventions. You remind me so much of me,it’s evident that you love your home and like change,Thanks!

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