Our boys

Hi there everyone!

Today, I am simply sharing my boys.

Or I should say, “our” boys.

Mike seems to correct me often on that slip of the tongue.

Alexander John


Jack Michael

I don’t talk about them much here on my blog.

Mostly, because I have to now get their approval.

Alex is 16

Jack is 12.

Both sensitive ages and because we live in a small community

everyone, I mean everyone, knows your name.

It’s like a Cheers episode on a daily basis here.

We truly love where we live, and my boys have mentioned time and time again

we chose a good place to raise them.


Alex, you can see is strikingly handsome.

I don’t say that because he is our son, or mine, believe me, the boy grew into his looks.

I guess there was a time when he got older I said, well, you certainly weren’t always the cutest.

I don’t remember saying that at all, but apparently I did, Jack vouched for him.

I highly doubt I scarred the boy!


tree craft and boys pics 053

I would say probably because when Alex was transitioning from boy to man, ya know, awkward, the ears, the pimples, the teeth, just an awkward time. 

Alex is such a role model for his younger brother, and Jack truly adores him and looks up to him in every way.

I think Alex, finally accepts it, and understands it.

They do not fight nearly as much as they did when they were younger.

I sorta pride the fact, they have never gotten physical with one another. I mean fist fight, perhaps a slap and run, here and there, but never on the ground rolling around.

That’s pretty good for brothers I would say.

tree craft and boys pics 052

Alex, is bright, compassionate, sensitive, loving, and very much in a sense a young man who beats to his own drum.

He keeps his circles small, because he likes it that way. 

Very outgoing, however very much can be an introvert at times.

I get that, and would say, I am very much the same way.

He does not care for conflict and in fact probably does not take it well.

He is very much a communicator, and will want to talk it out, rather than argue it out.

 Extremely sensible for his age, knows what he wants and is going for his dream of being a Medical Doctor. He has not figured out a specific field yet.

He is very much set on helping people, making a difference and getting fulfillment out of what he does as an adult.

He in fact has recently, made his own decision to start practicing Catholicism.

 We are in fact Catholic, but admittedly, we were not practicing and going to Church every Sunday.  We have always told the boys, when they were old enough to truly understand they could make their own decisions on religion and beliefs.

 We never felt it was something we should choose for them.

We raised them thus far with high morals, kind and caring hearts.

Alex, now attends Sunday mass, religiously and is going to classes to make his first holy communion and confirmation.

All on his own accord.

I will say, his girlfriend, probably influenced him in some way. Not because she asked him to, but because he found love in his heart for her, and wanted somehow to express his gratitude and grateful heart for it.  

Just my thoughts on that.

Let’s talk about the Jackster!

Oh Jack, Jack, Jack.  

jack 003

Now that boy is a real pip!

Jack was named after my Grampa Jack, the one who nicknamed me Debbiedoo’s.

I believe wholeheartedly my Grandfather, a month after he passed,  planted  the Jack seed for us.

Considering that is when he was conceived, after we had been trying for the past year.

That to me, was fate. 

I would say Jack and I are most alike.

We butt heads, and butt them often.

We never go to bed angry though.

Jack, too, personality wise is extremely compassionate, kind, so loving, and really considerate of others, oh and bright too.  Took him a bit for the light bulb to go off, as he struggled early on with reading.  Now he is a whip and strives to do well and earns excellent grades.  He even checks his own Parent portal online to track his progress.

I am not the Mom who has to check on their grades and track their progress, they do it, all on their own.

To quote a letter once received by the Principal when he was just in Kindergarten

“Jack tries to make sure that other children are treated kindly and fairly. Not only does he have the courage to point out situations where someone wasn’t treated nicely, he is able to  articulate why and how it could be made better”

I obviously saved that letter and will always cherish that the principal took the time to write that to me. 

He is now in 7th grade and I have had many Moms, and teachers, tell me what a great kid he is, he is their favorite.

Of course, one Mom questioned if he was really Eddie Haskel


Well, no he is not, but I can tell you, he is one stubborn, know it all kind of kid sometimes at home!

He knows to “hide that crazy” at home!  

I got that quote from a friend by the way, I love it!

Jack’s dreams go back and forth, he is just not sure what he wants yet. Nor should he know, he is too young.

He knows what he does not want, and that is to be a firefighter, or police officer, anything basically risking his life. 

He does love that we have them, need them, and how important those jobs truly are. Has the utmost respect.

The boy wants to make A LOT of money, that I do know, and I think he wants to be famous too!

he best start working on that one!

tree craft and boys pics 055

He sure is one cute kid though! He hasn’t gotten to his ugly awkward stage YET!

he just may bypass it, not sure, I will let you know though.

His hair, well, he likes it longer, I prefer shorter, but he has a thing about it.

His eyes are the bluest of blue, and the lashes I want to steal.

I dread when the girls start a calling, because I have a feeling it will be sooner than I want.

If you think this was a bragging post, no quite the contrary.

 Well it sorta is, just I am really proud of them post.

In fact, when I asked the boys if it was OK to write about them on my blog, they asked why? and what was I going to say?

ya know, I got some stuff on them!

You see, they have some not so redeeming qualities as well, but that is not what I am sharing today, wink wink!

Believe me, we are not a perfect family, and I do not have perfect children, even though Jack was shocked I said he was not so perfect.

This is simply a grateful post for having these two boys in my life.

For God, choosing me to be their Mother, for our family, for Mike, my husband, their father.

Truly a blessing, I want to simply share and express.  

After all, this is a blog, and years from now, I can reflect.

They have in turn made me a better person, and taught me things I may have never felt or experienced.

I know my husband feels the same way.

Oh and they add diversity too. Alex is the band and Music guy, and Jack sports all the way.

However, Jack is pretty darn good in band as well, and I would not be surprised if he follows in his brothers footsteps in High School.

I do see him having both in his life, music, and sports.

So when Alex is off to College next year, Jack will keep us flying from here to there and everywhere.

Did I mention, he is in no way an introvert?

Although, content when alone he keeps occupied, he would much rather be around people when he can.

 We do differ in that sense.  Alex and I are more similar in that way.


Thank for stopping by today and allowing me to share a piece of my heart,

well a whole lot more than a piece, I would say, just about all of my heart.

Sweet Kiss

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  1. says

    Aren’t sons just the BEST!?!?!? Your sons are handsome (and beautiful and cute but, as a “guy mom” I know better than to say that!) Thank YOU for sharing them with us. Mine are headed back to their respective colleges tomorrow morning after a month at home…it’s breaking my heart. Enjoy every second with them….it passes far too quickly. xo

  2. says

    And you should be proud. Cute and handsome they are and I know they are very well mannered young men. I am so glad that I was able to meet them in person.

  3. Kris says

    what a delightful blog post about your boys!!! They are both handsome and exceptional in every way!!! You done good Mama…and Papa!!
    xo Kris

  4. says

    LOVED this post Debbie!! Your boys are sooooo handsome…that first sepia shot of Alex WOW he should be a model for Abercrombie!! I LOVE Jack’s hair on the longer side not everyone boy can wear it proud but he sure can…love it!! He has that look that looks like he keeps you laughing! Beautiful family my friend!!

  5. says

    What a wonderful post Debbie. I’ve really missed seeing your boys so was pleased to have the update. You should be very proud of both of them, and they certainly reflect the wonderful parenting you and your husband have and are providing for them. They are very lucky boys. Your have such a beautiful family, and I have a feeling that you all are just as beautiful inside as you are outside. Thanks for sharing this today. Peggy

  6. says

    When I was a young woman my boyfriends aunt took me aside and said “you can always tell how a man will treat his wife by the way he treats his mother”. Something tells me your boys love you like you love them.

  7. says

    such a beautiful post Debbie,they are truly handsome clever boys ,I know we are all individuals and have our own personalities but you and mike had a lot to do with the way they turned out, you guide them well, you should be proud of yourselves, I thinks its wonderful to voice our pride in our families,

  8. says

    I need a tissue! This was such a beautiful “from the heart’ post, Debbie. You can see in their eyes that they have good hearts. You and Mike are to be credited with raising them well — they are good boys now, who will grow up to be great men, who have been guided by wonderful parents. May they always bring you joy! (And I have to say that In the first photo, Alex looks exactly like your husband! )

  9. says

    Debbie, so glad for the updated pictures of the boys. I know they were posted about a lot in your early blogging. But, I understand, as I still have to be careful with my grown girls and now grand-daughters. Very sweet. And if they read this …. “Alex and Jack, I’m just saying Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! wink, wink”.

    • says

      Thanks Lori, yes, those were the days when they had no say! LOL..now I have to ask. So glad they let me though, just something I personally wanted to document on my blog for the future. Happy New Year.

  10. Linda says

    thank you for sharing your handsome sons with your readers. You and your husband have a lot to be proud of! God has Blessed you with young lads that will shape our future ! I have grandsons I am Blessed to be proud of! Alex 17 has his first car and driving and loves baseball since 3 he has been playing. Michael is 26 yrs and has allowed the world to shape his character, lots of prayers going out for him, and Thomas 12 yrs. he enjoys fishing and hunting and taught his cousin Alex how to fish. And now the 2 of them go out fishing with Grampa :)
    Michael lives out of state so we keep in touch by phone. Blessings and Happy New Year.

  11. Judith says

    Hello Debbie,
    Thank you for sharing your boys with us…..Just curious, which picture did you choose for your Christmas Card?

    All are very nice…..Loved your story about each one. Reminds me of my grandsons, aged 12 1/2 and 16.

    Big Hugs (where did I get this from), Judith

  12. says

    Wonder*filled post! It seems these two handsome young men are growing up so fast but then, they all do. I think it’s great that you shared and your words will be here in the years to come. I know how proud you two parents are even though there can be “challenges” along the way. :) I think they’re awesome!


  13. says

    That was so darn sweet..What cute kids. I have to say we are lucky we are raising boys,I understand girl kids are a whole different ball game!! Oh, I did not realize you would be sending one off to college next year…Wow, that sure came up quick, I think he was 13 when you started blogging!


  14. says

    You have gorgeous boys. I am partial to boys because I have two also. I love raising boys. This post almost made me cry because I love how you know each one of them and they are so different. I like the approach you take with religion. We are the same. I really enjoyed your post. Sweet!

  15. says

    Oh my gosh Debbie, look at your little men! They look so grown up now! I’m amazed at how little they look like each other, they’re a blend of you and your hubby but in completely different ways. My boys are all in their 20’s now, my oldest turns 24 in a couple of weeks…yikes!!!

    You’re doing a great job momma:) You should be very proud!

  16. says

    Your boys are precious! Mine are 24 and 21. They are so different from each other but both so special. It’s hard for me to believe they are as old as they are.

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