How to make homemade peppermint bark

Tis the season to bake right?  

Wrong, for me. I don’t do homemade cookies..I know I am real bummer this time of year.  

I did however, try my hand at home made peppermint bark.

home made peppermint bark 009


You want to know how to make homemade peppermint bark?

home made peppermint bark 020

So easy, I shocked myself

home made peppermint bark 011

 Keep in mind this was my first try and just a test run.  

It was Jack’s idea to add the white chocolate on top of the dark chocolate.

home made peppermint bark 001

Good thinking kiddo! 

Start off with your preference of  chocolatechips.  I used one bag each, one white, one dark.

Melt accordingly, remember microwave temps vary so do check it and be careful not to burn it.  It would taste really bad!

home made peppermint bark 003

 Crush your peppermints in a bag, we used a hammer lightly and had all different sizes and shavings.

home made peppermint bark 004

This was after it was spread and chilled for an hour.

 I then went and added the white on top and chilled again over night.

home made peppermint bark 030

 Makes for the cutest little hostess gift in a mason jar.  I just wrapped a bunch of ribbon around it.

home made peppermint bark 019

 Thanks for stopping by today.

Here is the recipe in full if you want to try it.

Home made peppermint bark

It’s just that easy peeps!

thanks for stopping by today.

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