How to make a ribbon wreath

Hey, hey there!

Today, I am sharing How to make a ribbon wreath.

I made a mini ribbon wreath a few weeks ago, but I actually made this one first.

You know how you have ribbon left on a roll, and it really isn’t enough to do much with?

Well I decided to use it all and make I guess a hodge podge mix and match ribbon wreath.

How to make a ribbon wreath with burlap and styrofoam


How are you all doing?

Hope you are doing well and getting along  nicely with your Holiday decorating, shopping and all that good stuff.

I am on it this year! No more last minute for me.

wreath with styrofoam 001

I have so much Styrofoam at this point, I can probably build a house.

Sweet Kiss

It’s been fun though to work with and I may as well use it.

Simple deets here.  Just wrap your ribbon around, hot glue the back as you go along in sections and embellish it to your liking.

Mine of course is embellished with some dollar tree candy canes and peppermint table scatters.

wreath with styrofoam 011

The cupcake ornaments came from Wally world, pack of four for a buck I believe.

How to make a ribbon wreath

I shared what it looks like on a white door, however, it is actually on our Red kitchen pantry door.

How to make a ribbon wreath

That’s all today folks!

How to make a ribbon wreath

Glad you stopped by.

Tis the season.


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Just in case you missed my Burlap, bells and ribbon foam cones, you can check those out too.


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