How to make a burlap Christmas ornament

So excited that I made my very first Christmas burlap ornament.

I love all things Burlap and you can check out my gallery of ideas.

I did it rag style and it was so easy peasy and looks adorbs, I think…you be the judge.

How to make a burlap rag ornament

I only made one,however, I am thinking I need to make two, just a little too lazy today to keep going.

I swear I feel like one of Santa’s elves this year.

Just busy busy busy!

Burlap, color of choice.

Styrofoam ball

hot glue gun.

faux candy cane for hanger

How to make a burlap Christmas ornament


Start off with a Foam ball, any size you want.  I used a medium size as it get’s pretty full as you go along.

burlap Christmas ornament 007


cut your burlap to size, you can do larger or smaller, or alternate sizes, which is what I did.

burlap Christmas ornament 006


fold it over, and put a dot of hot glue in the middle.

Then simply glue it on your ball until completely full and no foam is showing.

burlap Christmas ornament 004


burlap Christmas ornament 015


I spinkled some faux snowflakes on mine,

and proudly hung it on the tree.

Oh and I added the plastic candy cane by pressing it in the ball, I did use some hot glue around it as well to keep it secure.

burlap Christmas ornament 020


Hang proudly on tree!

Have fun making some burlap rag ornaments this season.

 Just in case you missed my bazillion Christmas projects this year,

you can check those out too!


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  1. Kris says

    Hi Debbie,
    How cute !! I have been terribly busy and not too good at getting around to the bloggers I usually visit. I hope you are doing okay, and enjoying the holiday season!
    xo Kris

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