Festive and whimsical Christmas porch 2013

Hi there everyone!

Today, I am sharing our Festive and whimsical Christmas porch 2013

Once again, going along with our Christmas tidings series.

if you missed our Winter tablescapes

or Burlap projects, you can check those out as well.  

We are all so different, yet work so well together.

Christmas tidings

today we are sharing our porches. I am calling our porch Festive and Whimsical.  I am just a hodge podge mess I guess when it comes to decorating.

I think these are always my favorite. I love a good porch!

Christmas porch in the south

Especially a Christmas porch!

Christmas porch decor

{OK I just noticed the Fall wreath hanger, oh well} HA!

I try to decorate the porch a little different each year.

You can check out 2012 if you like.

Christmas porch

I usually use what I already have and just mix it around from year to year.

Christmas porch 014

My rooster always gets a dressing up.

Christmas porch 023

 Yes, only one skate. My Mom found it years ago, and I love it.

I do have a black pair near the fireplace this year.

Christmas porch 015

Little dollar tree ornaments and stockings.

Christmas porch 013

Something crafted from a few years ago,

My Mod podge Wood letter JOY chips with book pages and glitter.

Christmas porch 011


Dollar tree snow flakes


Dollar tree snowflakes

Christmas porch 024

Window decals always add a little extra whimsy and color.

Christmas porch 020

Reindeer out of a Palm tree bark. How cute is that!

diy Christmas pallet sign


My diy Christmas pallet sign I made last year.

Spray painted pine cones


Spray painted pine cones. I set in an old vintage ash tray we have on the porch, strictly for decor, no smokers here!

Christmas porch 019

So very glad you stopped by today!

Christmas porch 028


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christmas porches


Thanks for stopping by today.

Follow me around if you like.


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  1. linda says

    look very festive love the ho ho windows so cute you forgot to put pine branches in the skate like it came with holly and pine :)

  2. gina says

    Festive & whimsical are the perfect words to describe your porch! It looks great, Debbie. If those urns ever go missing, you might want to check if I’m in the neighborhood. Lol

  3. Betty819 says

    I love that sled by your front door..plus the Ice skate..I think I’m going to have start making me a list of items that I want to look for that I could use for decorating in 2014.. Those items would be on that list, along with different sizes, shapes of Dollar store apothecary jars, reindeer, Christmas dishes like Pat (Back Porch Musings)showed. I also liked Christy’s BHG dishes with the Cardinal she said she got from Walmart last year. Inexpensive table urns that could hold a centerpiece. Learn to make foral arrangements or pay one of the Craft stores to make it for me. Look for items that could be used all year round, not just for the Christmas season. Look for old lumber or pallets to make my own homemade signs..buy stencils to use for that purpose..I could look at all the wonderful blogs and get lots of inspiration..It only takes that green stuff but if you buy it after Christmas if you can find it, or throughout the year when you see it, I could have a nice collection next year. Red lanterns go on that list too. Red could also be used for Valentine’s Day decor.

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