DecoArt Americana Decor chalky paint

Hello, hello!

So excited today to be sharing DecoArt Americana Decor chalky paint review.

This chalky paint was totally new to me. Best part, they sell it at Home depot!


Before-and-after-with-Deco-Americana-chalky-paint DecoArt Americana Decor chalky paint

In fact, I was sent every color under the sun, so you will be seeing a lot of this paint.

Not because, I have it all, but because I really loved it.

Before-and-after-sideboard-with-decoart-chalky-paint-005 DecoArt Americana Decor chalky paint

This piece actually is not mine.

 It is a friends that she has had sitting in her garage for a few years.  She bought it at Kirklands and felt it to be outdated and did not fit in her decor anymore.

We can fix that!

Before-and-after-sideboard-with-decoart-chalky-paint-008 DecoArt Americana Decor chalky paint

I knew I wanted to do two colors.  I like to make things a bit difficult on myself…one color would have been simpler, but simpler does not always mean it looks prettier either. I love two toned furniture.

Color choices:

Inheritance heritage {yellow color}

and Vintage retro {Blueish color}

I painted each color two coats with a purdy paint brush.  Went on very smooth and creamy.  I let the first coat dry, before I applied my second coat.

I then used the dark wax which is also sold at Home depot.  This is the coolest wax ever.  It comes in a liquid form, almost like paint.  I was going to use just the clear, but I opted for the more rustic frenchy look, so the darker wax was perfect.

Before-and-after-sideboard-with-decoart-chalky-paint-013 DecoArt Americana Decor chalky paint

Americana Decor 8-oz. Deep Brown Creme Wax

I used a paint brush as you can see, and wiped as I went along.

Before-and-after-frency-rustic-style1 DecoArt Americana Decor chalky paint

I think the wax  really finished off the piece the way I wanted it to look.

furniture-painted-with-chalk-paint-by-DecoAmericana-007 DecoArt Americana Decor chalky paint

My friend  chose clear hardware from World Market.  

furniture-painted-with-chalk-paint-by-DecoAmericana-014 DecoArt Americana Decor chalky paint

I did not distress the piece, however, you certainly can achieve that chippy, distressed look as well with this paint.

furniture-painted-with-chalk-paint-by-DecoAmericana-013 DecoArt Americana Decor chalky paint

I chose NOT to paint the legs. I liked the darker look and thought it compliments the dark wax as well.

furniture-painted-with-chalk-paint-by-DecoAmericana-003 DecoArt Americana Decor chalky paint

In a nut shell, I would totally recommend this paint. For the price, the ease, the color choices, well I guess you can say all of the above.

It’s a clear winner in my book!

This is a sponsored post for Americana Home Decor chalky paint, however all opinions are my own.

The new Americana Home Decor Chalky Finish paint is available online at Home Depot. You can have it shipped straight to your front door, or you have have it delivered to your local Home Depot and pick it up for free!

  Get a classic, distressed look in your home decor with this easy to use diy paint.

For more decorart chalky paint projects don’t forget to head on over to the DecoArt site

debbie-doos-social-media-1 DecoArt Americana Decor chalky paint

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  1. says

    How do you think this compares to Annie Sloan? I live in Idaho and there is no place to purchase Annie Sloan except either in Bonner’s Ferry (Boundary county, boundary being the Canadian boarder) or drive from Boise to SLC either way hours long drive so I have to pay shipping on heavy paint. This is exciting. Thank you for the post.

    • says

      Honestly, I like it just as much and I have used Annie Sloan quite a few times now. I really really like this paint! You will too! The wax is key to finishing it though, so be sure to pick that up as well.

  2. says

    This paint looks like a winner! I’ve been wanting to try chalk paint but no distributor is near me. Home Depot is everywhere and the price is right! I’ve already checked it out online and now I’ll be making a trip to the store. Thanks so much for bringing this to us!

  3. Hanna says


    i’m just getting started in playing around with decorating and I’m just amazed at the new kinds of paint the companies are comming out with.
    If you didnt tell us, i would have thought that it was two separate pieces of furniture!


  4. Margie says

    I was so excited to order a whole bunch of colors and waxes and they arrived via UPS almost frozen for some reason. Not even cold out. This morning I checked paints and waxes but they are all dried out and a big hard glump. I was hoping they would thaw out. Anyone else have this problem?

    • says

      Oh my gosh, not that is terrible. Sounds to me along the way they got frozen which is a NO NO. You call them asap and they will I’m sure send a new shipment out to you.

  5. Chandra says

    Did you have to do any sanding or prepping on the painted finish? I have a clock with similar hand painting and it has a lot of that matte finish poly on it. I’m afraid it wouldn’t stick, even with chalk paint! Thanks!

      • Mallorie Evans says

        I get a streaky or blotchy finish when I use this wax on large surfaces. I use brush for it too. I tried rag technique. What can I do to finish the prices without painting it over again. And how to apply wax correctly/effectively
        Thank you

        • says

          Not sure why that would happen. The paint needs to be completely dry before adding the wax. Also, you only need a bit in moderation. I usually do it with a rag and buff it as I go, leaving no streaks at all. Miss Mustard seed has a tutorial somewhere on her site about applying wax. She uses a special round brush, however, I do not find that necessary.


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