Adding a little Christmas cheer to the windows

Hey there everyone!

Today,  I am sharing a little Christmas cheer to the windows.

Most of you know my family is in visiting and we just came back from a mini getaway in Charleston, SC.

The weather was lousy, but the company and the food and the overall adventure was fun as always.

We sure sang a lot of Christmas Carols in the car and I am sure my husband is happy to be home and out of the car!


This was is just a little something I whipped up the other day for the kitchen windows.

How to make a ribbon wreath with foam

I have lots and lots of foam and I am finding new ways to use it.

After doing my burlap, ribbon and bells Christmas foam cones I decided I was on a roll would else could I tackle.

Printable and wreath 004

This is the easiest craft known to man.

Simply wrap your ribbon around the foam wreath

and hot glue the end.

Printable and wreath 005


Really, that’s it!

I used multiple ribbon, also found at Wally world for cheap. I believe 5 rolls for $4.00.


Printable and wreath 011


Embellish to your liking.

I found these cute mesh ribbons at Walmart in a two pack for $2.00.

Gosh,remember a few years back when my Mom and I made a diy Christmas mesh wreath?

Speaking of which, I better go find that.

Decorating the windows for Christmas

On the other window I found a very light branch outside,

painted it with some chalky paint

and hung some candy canes and faux cupcakes.

I used 3M two way tape to hang the branch.

Whimsical Christmas decorating in the window

 I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your loved ones!


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