How to make a spooky Halloween recycled bottle craft

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Today, I am sharing how to make a spooky Halloween recycled bottle craft.

creepers are coming

if you are a regular here you KNOW, Halloween is my favorite.  

Actually, September, and October are my favorite months of the year.

I love to decorate per season, but Fall and Halloween hands down have it all over the rest of the year.

My friend gave me an empty Jack Daniels bottle thinking I could craft with it.

Well of course I can.  I don’t drink the stuff so there would be no empty bottles around my house of that stuff.

I think I drank it once, and let’s just say, it wasn’t a pretty experience.

recycled jack daniels bottle

So, out came some simple craft supplies.

Purple rit dye


and my recycled Jack bottle.

Pumpkins for Michaels challenge 016

First I painted the bottle with my gesso.

I lightly pat the bottle as you can see closely here with my artist brush so I get somewhat of a texture.

Rit dye purple bottle recycle craft

I then paint on the rit dye after letting the gesso, ALMOST dry completely.

It does not have to be 100 percent dry.

Purple rit dye and gesso project

This here is completely dry.

Then I decided to melt some crayons on top of the bottle and let drip down for a cool effect.

Make a spooky Halloween bottle recycled craft

Looks pretty spooktacular.

I mod podged a label I had that I bought a pack of at Michaels last year.

Make it a Halloween spooky bottle

I plan on putting a candle in it and I think it will look neat on the coffee table come Halloween time.

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    Debbie, you are having fun with all your Halloween projects. I know your guys think it’s fun too. If they like Moon Pies, you might want to try the easy project I just shared. ‘-)

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