Fall outdoor tablescape with Rit dye and Mod podge mason jar centerpiece

Hello there!

Today I am sharing a Fall outdoor tablescape with Rit dye and Mod podge mason jar centerpiece.

I have to say, I am in love with color and Rit dye has just about every color that appeals to me.

So, today I am sharing some of my new techniques that you have seen in the past month or so. 

It is easy,

and the end results are unique,and always one of a kind.

In fact, I have found that no two are ever the same.

So let’s get started on the basics.

Supplies for rit dye mason jars

Supplies needed:

Color of choice in Rit dye

Mod podge

sponge brushes

rubber gloves

Mason jars

any size of your liking.

I am going to first share the inside out technique

paint inside of mason jar with mod podge

Paint the inside of your jar as shown with mod podge.

Just one light coat is all that is needed.

I really like sponge brushes as the mod podge goes on nice, smooth and even.

cap ful of rit dye to go inside mason jar and mod podge

Next take about a cap full

and pour it in your mason jar

This would be for a smaller jar.

If you are using a taller one, use two capfuls.

The mod podge is not dry yet,

in fact you only have to wait about 10 minutes and you can pour your color in

Put cap on mason jar and shake rit dye vigorously

Cap up your jar and shake vigorously making sure the jar is completely covered.

You can then disgard any remaining rit

turn jar upside down and let dry overnight.

THAT is the inside out technique.


painting on the outside of a mason jar or any other glass surface.

painted outside of mason jar with mod podge

Again, with your sponge brush lightly  the mod podge on the outside of your jar.

LET completely dry, this may take an hour or so.

Then take your color of choice

and paint on the outside of the jar with your sponge brush.

You can let drip down slightly if you like that look or continue to brush and soak up any drips with your sponge brush.

mod podge rit dye painted on glass outside

This is one coat of Rit dye on the outside. If you want it darker do two or three coats in between drying.

Let completely dry.

NOW, I used Matte Mod podge however you can use glossy if you would like.

After my jars dried completely

I lightly sprayed them with a satin polyurethane protector.

You can do that with the inside out technique as well.

Now how about we see how it all came together on a Fall tablescape.

Fall tablescape with rit dye

Not sure If I mentioned Fall is my all time favorite time of year.

I look forward to the color change,

cooking in the crockpot, and the smell of falling leaves.

Rit dye tablescape with mason jars

{Inside out technique}

Rit dye tablescape with mason jars and burlap

And I love roosters and burlap too.

I never tire of them.

Rit dye tablescape royal blue

{inside out technique}

See how it takes on different variations and patterns inside?

Love that!

Rit dye tablescape yellow

Rit dye and Mod podge painted on the outside using of course the technique shared in the above tutorial.

Rit dye tablescape royal blue with Fall flowers

{Painted on the outside}

Rit dye and mason jar tablescape for Fall

Hope you enjoyed learning about Painting on glass with Mod podge and Rit dye.

What started off as an experiment, never been done, has turned into a favorite hobby of crafting with for me.

Rit dye tablescape on a picnic table

Try it!

You will love it. In fact, a few of my readers have tried and absolutely loved their end results.

Here are a few of my others…

Coastal rit dye and mod podge diy vase

Coastal look mod podge and Rit dye vase

mercury glass bottle

Faux stained glass window

and a Mercury glass look bottle.

Just check out my RIT dye gallery for more!

These are just a few of my recent.

You can also visit me at


Don't forget to check out my diy gallery before you go!



  1. Judith says

    Hi Debbie, There you go again with a great idea……They look so great. I have the same napkin holders, and some others that you use…….Love knowing a different use for Mod Podge…..<3

  2. says

    This is actually one of my favorite posts that you have ever done. I love the tablescape. It’s right up my alley. Plus. I love the way the mason jars look with the dye. The blue one looks so much like blue jeans, and that yellow one is my very favorite. LOVE this!

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