Candy corn tier out of Styrofoam

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dyed styrofoam

Today I am sharing candy corn tier out of Styrofoam.

candy corn tier

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It popped in my head when I was painting my Halloween witch board with Black rit dye.

crafts with styrofoam and porch pics 005

I thought I would try this, and to my surprise it worked out.

I simply filled up the sink a tad with water, added about a half cup of Sunshine orange rit dye, and soaked my foam circle for about 30 minutes, flipping it over on occasion.

I took it out to dry on the other side of the sink overnight.

Do you believe my younger son Jack had the nerve to say to me, 

“Mom you’re taking over the house with your craft stuff”

Wellllllll! the nerve!

candy corn tier yellow rit dye

He sure had no problem eating the props!

This prop, is strictly for decoration only.

I did not let him eat the candy off the foam dyed board lol!

You could however have little mini cupcakes with liners though or wrapped candy as you see for eating.

candy corn tier sunshine orange

this is something in a million years I would have never thought to make.

Don’t ask me why I made it now….

for fun I guess, and it does look cute for Halloween. Would also look great for a kids party. 

Different for sure!

And the funniest part about this craft, is I totally messed up the candy corn sequence. 

Oh well, craft fail!

Still cute though, if you do it right:)

candy corn tier

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  1. says

    Another cute Rit dye idea … mixing the colors will go unnoticed … great idea for a backyard or kids party.
    Just keep the fun crafts coming.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

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