A beach themed wedding

Hey there everyone!

Today I am sharing a beach themed diy memo board idea for you.

Yesterday I shared the diy wedding burlap banner, as you can see here where she put it:)

Laurian's wedding 050

My very good friend  Laurian was recently married in  Edisto, SC.

You have heard me mention Laurian here several times.

Her southern cooking for one,

our girls trip to Edisto and more I am sure.

She has been a big part of my life and friendship pretty much since we have moved to the South.

Love her and wanted to do something really special and different for a wedding gift.

So, I went the creative route.

diy memory board for wedding or shower 061

My inspiration was first the beach of course.  

Then I happened to stumble across these letter photographs at our local boutique store.

diy memory board for wedding or shower 060

Laurians entire theme was burlap and turquoise.  Wait til I show you all the little details. That  gal did not miss a beat.

I told her she could be a wedding planner.

This raffia came with her invite,and the invitation was wrapped in this pretty burlap and shell sleeve.

diy memory board for wedding or shower 044

I happened to have some burlap coffee bags left so I cut it to size a frame I already had on hand.

In fact it was from a memory board I did back last year.

diy memory board for wedding or shower 046

I dyed the burlap which is so easy.  

I did it in the sink with hot water and about a 1/2 cup of rit dye.

I let it soak for only 15 minutes, took it with some tongs, and let it dry outside.

I then pressed it when dry.

I fit it to the frame as mentioned and added my cork board behind it with a staple gun on the frame.


diy memory board for wedding or shower 073

The pretty pushpin were also purchased at the local boutique store.

But you can make them yourself with some vintage jewelry 

diy memory board for wedding or shower 058

I also whipped up the burlap shell bows you see with burlap ribbon.  I just folded opposite ways each fold, and tied with raffia.

added a little shell of embellishment along with some shells and potpourri I had on hand.

Memory board for a beachy wedding

And that my friends is how you make a diy memory board for a wedding, or shower, or just because.

There is more inspiration to come and I will be putting together a post soon.

Beach themed wedding ideas

Have a great day!


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