Van gogh copy cat

Ok this project, I literally pulled out of my hat.

Today, I am sharing a Van gogh copy cat.

say what??

I am participating in the Autumn abounds partay,

and boy have there been some amazing Autumn shares and creative ideas!

fall graphic

My contribution to the party actually was intended to be a candy corn vase.

But it went bad!

How to be your own Van gogh

You know I have been experimenting with Rit dye and painting on glass using multiple techniques.

Words of wisdom here….

painting on glass with rit dye cannot be uniform, or even.  At least I have not figured that out yet.

It drips, naturally, and that is the beauty of the technique on glass whether you use it with Mod podge or gesso.


I had something pop in my head!

I actually have this print framed tucked away for now. My Mom gave it to me years ago.

I have always admired it. It’s just beautiful.  

The colors,  and everything about it.

floors closet and vase 002

So here are my basics

Rit dye

acrylic gesso.

floors closet and vase 004

Painted on the vase with my gesso

and let that dry for about 30 minutes or so.

floors closet and vase 032

And this is where the fun stopped!

for now anyhow.

I actually turned the vase on the side holding it and painted my middle portion, again having a candy corn vase in mind.

No sooner did I realize it’s dripping.  

I stopped, let it dry for about 10 minutes, and just went in with my yellow rit dye and started painting away.

There is no tutorial, I basically just went crazy painting, letting it drip naturally and do what it wanted to do.

vase and Halloween art 032

After it dried over night, I painted on some of the gold precious metals, let that dry

and then sprayed some poly on it.

Oh at one point I started dripping glitter elmers glue on it as well, thinking I can glitter it up.  That failed too, so I just started painting the glue on the vase dipping my brush lightly in water.

After all dried


embellished the vase with ribbon and some faux fall leaves.

vase and Halloween art 045

The texture from the gesso and a little glitter elmers glue drying is amazing and the gold leaf just brings out the beauty of it.

Painting on glass with rit dye

When the gesso is drying I do go in with my artist brush and pat it, to create the texture,

not so smooth if you know what I mean.

I really thought this would be craft gone bad…but I have to say, it is my favorite of all.

Van gogh knock off vase and sunflowers

I really don’t see how anyone can make mistakes on something they create and paint.

Rit dye vase for fall

 I am not an artist, obviously,

but I create my own version of creative art.


make it your own, and smile:)

We are all different and unique individuals. That is what makes being creative fun and rewarding.

if we were all the same…

well, what a boring World this would be.

vase and Halloween art 082


Van goghdoo’s!

It’s another doo-over.

vase and Halloween art 041

Hey you can check out my

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And I leave you with this from Natural life, I absolutely LOVE their quotes! and look how cute they create them.



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Grab a slice of Pumpkin Apple Bread with Streusel topping,
and be sure to visit Kim tomorrow from
She is last on the Autumn abound party trains.

and stay tuned

because we have a MEGA giveaway coming up. On September 30th come back and link your favorite Fall projects and be sure to enter!


It’s HUGE!

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  1. says

    R U kidding me…??? This vase is AWESOME….I love it with the sunflowers….
    You are just plain talented…no matter what you attempt to do, it ALways turns out SOOO good.

  2. karin says

    you blow me away Debbie…If I could get all the hamster on their wheels up in my brain I might be able to keep up with you..LOL.
    VanGogh is one of my fave painters..:)
    Love this!

  3. linda says

    wow Deb that turned out awsome the picture brought many memories of Valentines Resturant for me for sure you did the colors so so perfect :)

  4. Natalie says

    So beautiful! What a creative use of a boring old glass vase! Just wondering, do you think a substitute could be made for the rit dye? I have the vase, and mod podge. I have other mediums like acrylic and watercolor paints, thoughts?


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