Master bathroom clean and refreshed

Hey there everyone!

Sharing our master bathroom clean and refreshed!

I have been in a cleaning frenzy lately and our Master bathroom was the start of it.

First off I want to share  how to clean your glass shower doors.

That was the biggest obstacle in our master.

master bath accessories

it’s been about two years now since I stenciled the shower door.

master bath shower door stenciled

Still holding up great.

Some have asked how I clean the outside.

Well, first off, it really does not get that dirty, but I do wipe it down gently with a dry cloth on occassion.  If need be I take a magic eraser and get in between the stenciling  job.

The inside of the shower is the problem

The home remedy I used was Dawn, and white distilled vinegar.

I had lots of recommendations on facebook for this remedy.

How to get your shower doors sparkling clean

The ratio I went with was 

3/4 vinegar 1/4 blue dawn in a spray bottle.

I mixed, sprayed, and used the magic eraser.

It worked like magic.


Now onto the bathroom.

master bath with new accessories from world market

My motivation for cleaning was a few new accessories I purchased from World Market.

Hand towel, rose petals,

larger towel and a rug.

master bath 033

And the Le Bain sign.

Next I will replace the hardware.

In  fact I am using the same hardware I used for our kitchen. I had bought extra and only need a few more.

master bath 016

The molding around the mirror was a diy we also did a few years back.

We started in the boys bathroom and then worked our way around the house.

master bath 011

Bathroom refresh

I also used that cleaning concoction on the vanity and tub. Sparkling I tell ya, everything is sparkling!

for a day anyway.

master bath 008

the crosses are something we have had for years.

The large silver one was a find in Arizona, and I still love it and have not changed it.

bathroom refreshed and stenciled shower door

 I would LOVE a seamless shower door and new tile as well.

Although you may think it looks pretty on the inside, it is not fun to keep clean. It’s just not!

But,not a necessity and certainly not in the budget.

Thanks to my facebook friends and all the suggestions you gave me on the formula to use,

I greatly appreciate your help.

Hey you can follow me around anywhere, anytime.

Thanks for stopping by today.



  1. says

    WOW!!!! you can come refresh my home any time.Love ,your new mat on the floor,the towels .the colors are so gorgeous.Thanks for posting the home remedy for cleaning shower doors,I will use that.It must be nice to live in your have a way to make it so have such class and it shows in every room you decorate or refresh a room.Thanks friend for sharing another gorgeous room xo.

  2. says

    Very pretty! I love your bathroom, Debbie! I’m going to try that cleaning mixture myself. Anything to make that job easier! I went back and pinned your molding on the mirror post for my daughter. She was just telling me this week that it is on the list of things they want to do at her house.

  3. says

    Very pretty and shiny Debbie, I love the new green rug it is the perfect green. Don’t you just love the Dawn and Vinegar method? It is amazing how easy it is to clean a shower with that stuff.

  4. says

    Hey Debbie! I love your pretty new accessories from World Market, I think they look great with your tiles too. I hate,hate,hate, my shower door!!!! I want a seamless shower door so badly as well. I am going to try your solution as soon as I can. I have been eyeing very the same candle accessories as your crystal ones there. I have a tiled shelf right above the tub that I want to put some on but I want the small votive ones and they are so pricey though. I love the sparkly crystal look though, so I may just have to break down and get them anyway. Your bathroom is adorable and I love every detail!

  5. says

    So glad it worked for you! I did that once and had bubbles out the kazoo, but it was super clean! Norwex woman. Norwex! I love it! Where did you get that green rug? It is gorgeous!

    • Rebecca says

      I have had problems with bubbles out the wazoo before also. Add a little more vinegar to the mixture. That was posted here on Pinterest somewhere and when I tried it, my bubble dilemma was fixed. Hope it helps.

  6. says

    I’m trying this simple cleaning recipe on my old tub and tile. I don’t have a nice bathroom like you do, but we all want what we have to be clean. Also, I am looking for ways to cut down on the cleaning chemicals, so thanks for this!!

  7. says

    Your bathroom is gorgeous Debbie! I love the stenciling on the shower! I have been wanting to do that to our shower but was worried how it would hold up! Now I know! ~~Angela

  8. says

    Oh Debbie,
    Thanks for this tip on cleaning the shower doors. I am going to try this. I have a double shower with sliding french doors of glass and I have tried everything to get them to sparkle. I hope this will work. Love all the changes to your bathroom. Love the stencil on the doors. So pretty.

  9. says

    Luv your bathroom Debbie. The new towels and rug are very pretty. Thanks for posting the mixture that worked for you. Just told the Mr about it. I am very, VERY sensitive to chemicals, especially bleach ( hives, respiratory sensitivity) and have a hard time finding stuff that works.
    If my bathroom can sparkle like yours I’m game!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Gee

  10. says

    We desperately need new shower doors, but I understand about budget!! So, not in the foreseeable future! But I think the changes you did in the bath are beautiful! Love the towels!

  11. says

    Your bath is SPARKLING my friend! Love the pretty rug and towels…such a pretty bathroom! I’ve been on a cleaning kick too…must be the cooler temps:)

  12. L D says

    my bathrm could fit in your tub and show also. Did you mix this with water in the spray bottle? erasers can be abrasive, need to be careful on what surfaces a person uses magic erasers. Thanks for the post.

  13. says

    I can’t believe those doors have held up so well. Looks wonderful. Ours is ready for a complete remodel. Coming up withing the next 12 months I hope!

  14. Lisa M says

    Thank you so much for the ratio of vinegar to dawn! I have been using dawn for so much these days! Also, love your stenciled doors! I used the same stencil on a giant floor cloth I made for my master . I am planning to stencil my front entry doors they are full glass and BORING! thanks for the inspiration~

  15. Ann says

    Where did the tassel come from? I want to use it in my guest bath. I also framed my bathroom mirrors. I love the look and it was sooooo easy.

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