Dyed sisal rope and dollar tree votives

Hey there everyone!

Today I am sharing dyed sisal rope and dollar tree votives.

How to dye sisal rope and make cute dollar tree votives
The other day I popped in the dollar tree to see what was new.

I tend to get carried away this time of year with all their seasonal junk, I mean decor and goodies.

topiary pumpkins 041

This project was so simple, I am just going to give you the verbal, and show you the visual:)

I had this sisal rope on hand, and of course Rit dye a plenty these days.

Sorry, but I have to use this stuff up, I have a ton of it.

I wrapped some sisal rope around the dollar tree votive candle.

Just half way as you can see and hot glued.

I simply painted on the rit dye color with a sponge brush.

fall pallet 009

I used scarlet red rit dye for one. And on the other one, I used Apple green and hint of evening blue rit dye.

Again, just dabbed it on with a sponge brush, straight up, no mixing with water.

dollar tree fall votives

ummmm…yes, that’s it..hot glued some faux leaves and mini pinecones.

fall pallet 003

topiary pumpkins 037

dollar tree votives

Decorated my recent upcyled pallet shelf with burlap and chicken wire

Fall diy votives from the dollar tree

Snapped some pretty pics for you…

and called it a day!

can’t forget to mention my burlap dyed rose:)

fall pallet 002

Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Judith Polcari says

    Debbie, Love your ideas. Just a question, did you ever try the new liquid glue stick????? Would like to try it on the rope on the votive holder.

  2. says

    Hey Debbie! Love this idea! How do you sleep with all these creative ideas!! I tried the pumpkin on glass, it it didn’t work out so well. Didn’t look anything like yours. :( I was disappointed, but I am sure there are more great things I can make!


  3. says

    I love it! I am thinking hum…Pink rope? I bet it’s doable!? I am so confused, should I decorate for fall or Halloween…If I wait until after Halloween, it will be time for Thanksgiving…….A blonde day lol!


  4. says

    You always end up doing such cute projects, Debbie. I will say it again- RIT DYE should be paying you for your projects!;>) Hope you are having a great first week of September! xo Diana

  5. says

    Debbie..love this idea!!!!!And the squirrel, so cute.How creative,you give so many neat ideas,that is what is so wonderful about you,so thank you xo..jessie

  6. says

    The pallet shelf looks so pretty decked up in autumn colors! I love how the dye adds color and highlights the sisal rope beautifully and the dyed burlap roses are my favorite:) Thanks for always inspiring us with the most creative projects! Have a great weekend! hugs, Poppy


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