Crafting with Styrofoam {Halloween craft}

Yep, I really stepped out of the box on this.

Thanks to the Flora craft

crafts with styrofoam and porch pics 001

Today, I am sharing crafting with Styrofoam and a Halloween craft.

Of course, a little Rit dye came into play on this craft project.

How to dye styrofoam

Halloween craft with styrofoam

Thank you, Make it crafts for the goodies.

I was sent all kinds of fun goodies, like colored mesh, burlap, and lots of Styrofoam.

I never have crafted with Styrofoam but glad I was given the opportunity.


Black Rit dye


craft paint of your choice


Take your styrofoam  board outside

crafts with styrofoam

My first thoughts were to do something like subway art on my board.

Then, I thought nawww…keep it simple the first time around.

Black rit dye

The board only needed one good coat of Black rit dye

Straight up,no mixing with water

and certainly no heating up like you would to paint on natural wood.

I used a regular paint brush.

It penetrated into the foam just perfectly.

I was thrilled to see that.

crafts with styrofoam and porch pics 033

It almost looks like a chalk board.

Pretty soon it’s going to get a little scary around here…


I sure wish my boys appreciated it and loved it like they did when they were little.

crafts with styrofoam and porch pics 034

However, they could care less,

but they still want me to buy candy.

Halloween decorating

Regardless, I still plan on spooking it up around here

and this was the first spooktacular project I came up with for the Season!

One last touch this wicked witch needed was some burlap and mesh flowers.

Burlap and mesh roses

I figured while my black rit dye was out I would dye the burlap.

dyed burlap black flowers

You saw how pretty dyed burlap can be. 

I cut some circles and soaked them in black rit dye {in the sink} for about 10 minutes.

Let them dry and simply hot glued three together, fold them in half and hot glued it shut.

Made a funky little black flower.

Did the same with the purple mesh.

burlap rolls

Boy am I going to have fun with all the goodies, of burlap and colored mesh I received. Purple, green, white, orange. I sure love all the fun colors they have.

Halloween craft with styrofoam

Thanks for stopping by today!

and thank you to the Make it Fun team for having me along.

I made something else cute with the round foam circles I will be sharing soon:)

here’s  a peek.


candy corn tier yellow rit dye

Hey follow me around if you want!

You can check out my other crafts with Styrofoam while you are here. I wound up doing quite a few last year:)

If you are not a regular here, I sure would love to see you back again!




  1. says

    Ha! I’m cracking up at your boys not caring about the decorations but still wanting the candy…been there! Amazing what the dye did on the styrofoam. My first thought was that it would sink in but it didn’t…good job and great directions. You are truly spooktacular!

  2. says

    I have made styrofoam tombstones and you have to be careful as the spray paint will eat the styrofoam. Sometimes that’s a good look for a tombstone, sometimes not. I’ll remember Rit the next time I’m in the market for a tombstone.

  3. says

    It seems that Rit dye is the new way to paint these days….I’m gonna have to try it on something, you make all of your project turn out amazing!

  4. says

    Cute, cute!! I gave away most of my Halloween decor when I moved. Just didn’t seem like I would need or want it. I do have a few little things and I put lights out on the balcony.

    Great job!


  5. Jean Park says

    Awesome post! Styrofoam crafts are indeed awesome. These are great for home decorations. This Styrofoam craft is pretty interesting. I love the colors used and the design is beautiful, so perfect for this Halloween.  Last year my family made Styrofoam Christmas decors and it was perfect and fun. I would love to try another craft so soon. These ideas are absolutely so brilliant.


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