7 UP lemon muffins

Yep, I’m on a roll with these quick two ingredient muffins.

Today I am sharing 7 UP lemon muffins.

Nothing does it like 7 Up!

7 up muffins

Crisp and clean and No caffeine.

And these little muffins are almost guilt free.

If you used diet 7 up, they would be!

I didn’t do the Weight watchers point value, however,I am thinking low:)

lemon cupcakes 001

Buy your lemon cake mix

add a can of 7 up

mix well

and pour in muffin pans. Make sure you spray your pan with pam.

Bake as directed, but do watch accordingly.

lemon cupcakes 015

I made them smaller because I am going to bunco tonight and needed enough for them

and a few left over for the family.

7 UP lemon cupcakes

My husband just tried one and said…they are interesting, good,

but not as delicious as the pumpkin muffins.

I would have to agree with that, but GOOD none the less.

Quite frankly, I am pumpkined out…we ate a lot of those in the past few weeks!

Thanks for stopping over today.

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  1. Mary says

    Sounds simple enough. Followed baking instructions on cake mix. They all stuck to the muffin pan and I had a horrible mess.

    • says

      Did you only add the 7 up, like you are suppose to? You don’t follow the cake mix directions..you just use the soda, and spray your muffin pan. I have made these a dozen times and never had a problem. So sorry:(

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