How to make a pumpkin out of a round glass vase with Rit dye and Gesso

This was yet again just another experiment of mine.

You want to learn how to make a pumpkin out of a round glass vase with Rit dye and Gesso?

I gesso you do, you are here:)

vase pumpkin with rit dye and gesso 001

My friend gave me a bunch of vases she had that she does not use anymore.

She knows I am on an experiment run and why go out and buy them?

So here is a cute little round, almost fish bowl type of vase.

vase pumpkin with rit dye and gesso 003

I got out my gesso and started painting on the glass.

You remember my last Rit dye gesso vase?

experiments with rit dye and gesso

It was really cool, looked like a pair of denim jeans on a vase.

So after I painted the vase with gesso, let it dry,

I took my sunshine orange rit dye

vase pumpkin with rit dye and gesso 005

And painted on the vase.

Let it just about dry and took the remainder of the rit dye

and simply poured it on top letting it dry naturally.

vase pumpkin with rit dye and gesso 006

Seriously I am having so much fun experimenting and trying different ways to use Rit dye

on glass.

I have said it before, you can make it your own.

Gesso glass pumpkin

Get creative and play.

No two are ever the same.

Gesso glass pumpkin with rit dye

As you can see the texture and how it dries.

Really neat!

Gesso glass pumpkin bottom of vase

This is the what the bottom and inside look like.

I will add a flickering candle  under it.

Gesso glass pumpkin 019

Thanks for stopping over today.

Oh and I used a stick from the yard for the stem. You could also use a cinnamon stick if you like.

Just hot glue it.

How to make a glass round vase into a pumpkin with Rit dye and Gesso

You can follow me anytime, anyplace.

Hope to see you again.


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  1. says

    Ok Debbie this one is amazing. What a transformation and what a cute pumpkin. That was a great experiment because this came out great. I love this..

  2. says

    Wow You have done it Again!! And You have shown us so many ways to use Rit Dye!!
    Something of the Past You Have made New Again. I know I will be purchasing some.
    Thank You This Came out Incredible

  3. says

    Well Debbie … this one is over the top. Just REALLY love it and will make some for Fall decorations. I am sure I can find plenty of those round vases at the Thrift store for 25¢ each.
    You are so talented.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. linda says

    what a great craft easy and pretty to boot i love the way it looks and the orand rite dye is the perfect color .Who would have ever thought you could do this work of art with rite dye . :)

  5. says

    Oh Debbie this is so very cool!!!! I love this and going to save this to try when we are in our new home!!! I don’t really have a place to do this kind of project now but I am making this for sure. Thanks a million girl!!! Can you tell how much I love this and the excitement with all the exclamation mars.


  6. Bev says

    Well I gesso Debbiedoo!! We are going to have to crown you the queen of gesso and Rit dye…dang girlfriend is there anything you can’t do with that stuff?? I love this with Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up…they are really awesome. Thank you for sharing! Hugs ♥

  7. Judith Polcari says

    Debbie, Love the pumpkin. You do great work…..Can’t wait to see your next project. I may try this pumpkin… <3

  8. says

    Wow, this is amazing, Debbie! I love how it turned out! I have gesso and vases, I am definitely putting Rit Dye on my shopping list because I really want to try this! Thanks for all your inspiration.
    Debbie :)

  9. Jennie says

    this is so darn cute – I think the idea of putting a battery light vs tea lite, candle probably is better as well – just need to make sure it’ll be bright enough –
    thank you so much – you are so creative

  10. says

    Hands down, Debbie this is just too darn cute! I love it! I also like the shape of the glass….. a perfect pumpkin:) It looks so much like a real pumpkin and yet can be used as a candle holder…adorable! Thanks for always coming up with the most innovative ideas! Have a great weekend!Hugs,Poppy

  11. Ann B. says

    I finished the little pumpkins and I think they are adorable! I used corks for the stemsand raffia to spruce it up. Now I just need the flickering lights. I bought some at Michaels but they are colored loghts, will be exchanging them today. Thank you for your ideas. I tried to upload a photo to your facebook but it failed.

  12. says

    Okay, I don’t know how, but I totally missed this the first time around — sorry! That is so cute and “my oh my” so clever! I’m now on the hunt through my stash for things to Gesso and Ritz — The Man and the cat better watch out!

  13. says

    Oh, so cute AND such a great technique that could be used on countless other objects. This has such a great texture and patina. Hey, when you say you are putting a light under it, are you going to put a battery operated one? Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.


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