How to make a coastal decorative vase with Mod podge and Rit dye

Hello there!

I know you are just dying to know how to make  a coastal decorative vase with Mod podge and rit dye.

Get it, dying?

OK, corny, I know.

Every time I work with the Mod podge and Rit dye combo I learn something new and put a new twist on my projects.

Coastal rit dye vase with mod podge and teal rit dye

Here’s the thing….

You really can’t make mistakes.

I think anything you do with this combination will make it your own.

That is what I am loving about it.

You can’t really duplicate the same exact project, however, you can get the same effect whatever way the two combined decide to do together that day.

rit and mod podge experiements 034


Mod podge Matte finish

sponge brush as shown

vase of choice

rubber band if you want to add a little interest

Rit dye, color of choice

Martha Stewart Metallic glaze sold at Home depot.

Coastal rit dye vase

Paint vase with mod podge two coats should do it.

Let dry for 30 minutes in between first coat.


Coastal rit dye vase 1st coat

Paint your Rit dye starting at the top and let drip down vase.

This is messy and I have a mat and plastic bag under my project.

My husband is just waiting for something TRAGIC to happen.

So far

so good.

Coastal rit dye vase 006

As the Rit dye is dripping,

I continued to brush in an upward and downward motion.

This is where you can get creative and do what you would like

Let it dry as shown.

After the Rit dye dried over night,

I took a second color Aquamarine and did a quick coat over the teal.

Coastal rit dye vase close up with sea shell

I let that dry for a few hours

and that is when I took my Martha Stewart Metallic glaze

and lightly brushed on, then rubbed lightly with a paper towel.

Coastal rit dye vase 010

Coastal rit dye vase close up of texture

I just love the Art Nouveau effect it gives.

I lightly sprayed my vase with a Satin polyurethane to protect it.

Coastal rit dye and mod podge diy vase

I have to say I am pretty impressed with this Coastal diy decorative vase.

Not because I did it but because the two combined take on a life of their own…I just watch it happen:)

I hope my friend likes it as much as I do……{It is a house warming gift}

These techniques are for decorative purposes only.  Even when protecting it with the poly, you can’t wash it in the dishwasher or anything like that.  You can use it for flowers, twigs, of just plain. 

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. You can follow me anywhere, anytime!

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  1. says

    Debbie, this is just beautiful, I love the color! I love the touch of burlap and the shell. You’re so talented! Thank you and have a great day!!!

  2. says

    I have the perfect vase and the perfect spot for this little look. I love it. The way you finished it with the burlap and shells is my favorite part of all.

  3. Bev says

    Oh Debbie I am so loving this project!! It is beautiful and so coastal looking. I can not wait to try it myself. I love your site and the detailed how-to instructions on your projects…easy to understand and follow. Thank you for sharing and I am now off to check out your other Rit projects.

  4. Carol Hardin says

    Debbie….I also like to do things which are DIY. This is fabulous; I have no words for your great effort. I am just amazed to see that how easily you do it and most I inspired by you. I found your idea for making a vase very creative. You know I was already searching some decorating tips and ideas for my home. And Debbie…this is the perfect project to do.

  5. Claudete May says

    LOVE YOUR VASES…and most of all the cost of the project…budget friendly!
    My question: could I use craft paint instead Rite ??? Have several bottles and no use as of now.


  6. paige says

    Hi – do you use the Rit Dye straight or mix with water? I know probably a ridiculous question, but just want to clarify. Thank you – I love this look and how easy!!

    • says

      Straight up, no mixing and not a riciculous question at all. Remember this is an experiment so you have to play with it a bit. In the end there are no mistakes, just make sure you use the mod podge as the base.

  7. Vickie says

    Hi, I love this. Did you let the second coat of mod podge dry before you but the dye on or while it was still wet? Thanks so much.

  8. Alexandra Villa says

    I just love this project!! I did a couple of vases that I bougth from the dollar tree, they came out fantastic!! Instead of modge podge I used elmer’s glue with water. 50/50 ratio. The metallic glaze made all the difference. Thank you for your tutorial! I can’t wait to try more color combinations.

    • says

      Not sure because with spray paint you have no control of how much and where…with the paint on glaze you can paint and wipe it off fast. I would suggest spray painting in plastic bowl and dipping your brush perhaps that way to paint on the vase.

  9. Trina says

    I am new to working with paints and glass. Found it very interesting and I love this vase you made. My question is do you have to use Matte podge or can you use gloss or paper podge???

  10. LSM says

    What is mod podge? What do you suggest for weatherizing-the vase? I want to Zentangle it and display it outdoors.

    • says

      Mod podge is a decoupage glue sold at all craft stores. You can buy an outdoor one. But if you use the rit dye I still would not recommend you having this outside. The dye may run.


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