Shower decorating ideas with mason jars

Hey there!~  Hope all is well!~ Where the heck is our summer, and why is it going by so fast?

Been so rainy here in the Carolina’s.  Can’t remember the last time I woke up to the sunshine.  Anyhow….  Continuing on with some  shower decorating ideas  with mason jars.  I already shared my diy bird burlap banner, and today  I will share some spray painted mason jars filled with goodies.  The goodies are for the Mom to be’s two other children.  You must never forget them when planning a shower or when baby arrives.  It is always a big change in the house and they still want some attention too:)

mason jars spray painted and filled with goodies for a shower

At first I was going to fill the mason jars with flowers…

but like I said, I wanted to do something for the other two children of expecting Mom.

mason jars filled with goodies for a shower

I was happy to get to use my mod melts form to embellish the spray painted mason jars with an owl, a bird and a cute little nest.

mason jars

It went with the cute napkins as well.

mason jars spray painted for a baby shower blue

I was fortunate I already had these pretty peekaboo blue spray painted mason jars on hand.

Glad to get to use them again, and  to gift them.  Win, win.

Creative spray painted mason jars for a baby shower

I bought the tootsie pops and Pixy sticks at the dollar tree.  They add a fun zing of color.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope the baby shower decorating idea with mason jars inspired you.

Glad to have you.  HOW the baby shower came together on a BUDGET HERE

Hey and don’t let the fun stop there with mason jars…  I have plenty more of my ideas to share

decorating with mason jars.

All things mason jars

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  1. says

    They look adorable, Debbie! perfect for a baby shower:) ties in prettily with the bird burlap banner. Amazing how many adorable ways a mason jar can be used. Happy week!Hugs,Poppy

  2. says

    These are just adorable !! I Love them If it’s a boy blue If it’s a girl Pink.
    But I thought you meant shower like in the Bathroom?? lol There that’s a
    DIY challenge for you lol These look Great and can be adjusted for so many occasions.
    Thank You lol

  3. says

    As usual, I love it. You always give me the best craft ideas. I’m still planning to do the mod podge and dye one. I bought the dye and everything. Just haven’t done it yet. Pinning this!

  4. says

    How cute. I like to put make up brushes, eyeliners and lipgloss in them. So many great ways to use mason jars and this is very creative for a shower. Another great idea, Debbie.

  5. Judith Polcari says

    Very cute…I have been saving every type of jar that is a little unusual, to paint and use as a vase….Your ideas are great.

  6. Evie tracy says

    Super cute! Its fun to carry out such crafty project.I have never thought of such an amazing ideas that we can use these mason jars for decor purpose. I really appreciate your great effort, keep sharing…


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