Mod podge Melts and diy art work

Hello, hello there!
I was pretty excited to receive a box of goodies from Plaid.

Today I am sharing how to create a cute piece of art work with Mod podge Melts.

Mod podge melts are new, and of course I have never worked with them and you all know how much I already love mod podge.

mod podge melts

To be honest, when I saw the mod podge melt form, I was a little clueless as to what exactly I would do with these.These forms are small

and I really have never worked with anything like this.

So there it sat on my kitchen table for about a week.

mod podge melts 001

I wanted to do something really different.

I thought these are super cute to make some jewelry with


no that’s not me.

How about something cute with a can and embellish with these?

My painted rustic can caddy 

recycled cans 022

Ok, so that was my first mini trial

I realized I should have trimmed these up with small scissors as you can see I had slight glue overflow.

That would have cleaned it right up.

NO biggie, moving on.


High Temp Hot Glue Gun

Mod Melts in Milk Glass White

Mod Mold

Acrylic Paint

Paint Dauber

mod podge melts 003

mod podge melts 004

So I got to it, and made the little forms which was simple

Simply insert the mod podge melt stick in a hot glue gun

and shoot the gun into the form

wait ten minutes and pop them out.

Paint with the dabber.

mod podge melts 011

 A few weeks back a friend of mine ordered some vinyl wall words for another friends new kitchen.

She received a freebie of a cute tree and bird.

My friend Natalie said here Debbiedoo’s you like birds and I am sure you can come up with something fun to do with this.

mod podge melts

This morning the light bulb went off…

use the mod podge little melt forms to embellish the vinyl tree that I wound up just putting in the guest room as you enter.

mod podge melts embellishments

Done deal!
Cute as cute can be:)

mod podge mold melts


Hope you enjoyed my easy diy art work with mod podge melts.

 Your creativity can go in many directions with these cute little embellishments.

So, what do you think?  Will you be trying these amazing Mod Melts and Molds?

You can find more fabulous products from Plaid by via FacebookPinterestTwitter, and their blog.

This post was a sponsored paid by Blueprint Social and Plaid…all opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. says

    OMGosh- Aren’t those cute? The kids would love them-but I wouldn’t let them touch the hot glue part but they could certainly pop them out and paint them. Very clever and I like the way you used them on the tree-xo Diana

  2. Patty says

    Can you tell me where you go the picture over the bed in the guest room? I love the saying and the picture. Thank you

  3. says

    Those look so fun! I know one craft that I’ll be doing with my daughter this Summer! She’s just getting to be old enough to use the glue gun, so she’ll LOVE having these to play around with too!

  4. says

    Debbie, I have heard of these, but when I went to find them, they weren’t in the stores yet! I love what you did with your wall art…so cute! If you do another post I would love to know how many sticks it took to like make 4 or 5 birds…do they go a long ways? I wonder what they cost? Got to try them!


  5. says

    Adorable project! You know I love anything birds, I especially love how you used them to make your vinyl stand out. It took it from cutesy to real art! I could totally move in that guest room. This looks like a new craft I could get into; birds on everything!

  6. says

    I tried these this weekend. I used two sticks of melt material on about a dozen forms. Am I the only one that’s having a problem with air bubbles? I start filling the mold from the middle, then loop around until the whole mold is full. I even tried dropping the mold on the table from a couple of inches, hoping to settle the melt material. But every dang one of my forms came out with air bubbles, or places where they weren’t filled in. I would LOVE any advice you have. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi there Jennifer. You have to use a high temperature glue gun. You can pop the bubbles with a pin. I did not have any troubles at all with bubbles. I filled the form even slightly and now learned I could trim the access around the form once I pop out my embellishment.

  7. says

    Well, seriously, where have I been? I’ve never heard of this product before. I think this certainly means I need to spend more time at Michael’s or Hob Lob — I mean, really, I need to stay up on all things new, fun and just doggone cute! Your jars turned out so cute.

    I saw on FB that you are doing something with Rit, and I just wanted to say how great that is and how much you deserve that recognition. Congratulations, Debbie!

  8. annebee says

    You can also use the molds with high temp glues and glitter glue sticks. I used the molds for creating pieces with polymer clay also…so cool.


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