Spray painting a mason jar with Rust-oleum spray paint

OK, so I am a big traitor here.

I have always  been a Krylon spray paint lover.


But I gotta be honest with you, and say, Not anymore.

Today, I am sharing how to spray paint a mason jar with Rust-oleum spray paint.

I do believe Krylon has changed up their formula.

The last few times I have used Krylon

I am getting a lot of dripping..which in turn botches up my projects.

I kept blaming it on the color choice.

ummm..NO, it can’t be.

And believe me, I am shaking it, and totally know what I am doing when it comes to spray painting.

painting a mason jar

This entire…..

what should have been the easiest thing to do on the planet, got botched up from the start.

I first decided I was going to paint the jar with chalk paint.

Which I indeed proceeded to do, and hated the color like poison!

so, plan B.

I had some tomatoe red Krylon spray paint and thought

this would look cute in the kitchen.

So, shake, shake shake I go.

Totally dripped and looked like crud.

Plan C

mason jar 027

Meet my new BF!

Old rusty here came to my rescue.

mason jar spray painted with rust-oleum  spray paint

Although it says, hammered on the can…

perhaps on wood it may appear that way

however on glass

mason jar copper metallic spray paint

I would say it looks a bit more metallic, which is fine by me.

I actually LOVE it.

mason jar detail

No dripping what so ever!

mason jar and fresh flowers

Looks perfect in our kitchen!

mason jar in hammered copper

I am all about those soft, warm glowing colors…

this fits the bill.

And that is the story of what was suppose to be easy..not so easy,

but turned out in the end after all.

Have a great day!

I will be back tomorrow to fill you in on the latest with the Pinterest party, that you have not in fact seen for a few weeks now.

stay tuned for that update.

If you would like to see my spray paint projects

you may check out my spray paint gallery full of them.

sunny mason jar in window 001

the quick how to

I put jar on a box

sprayed one coat all around, let dry over night

and that was that!



  1. says

    Very nice!! Ironically ( peeking to see if anyone is looking) I just bought some hammered bronze by Rustoleum, and some hammered black.
    :-) I see I am in good company. Luv the jar!!!
    Hugs, Gee

  2. says

    I love Rustoleum spray paints, Debbie! I used Krylon a long time ago, but once I was introduced to Heirloom White I became a Rustoleum girl all the way. : ) All my spray paint colors are Rustoleum. I’ve always been happy with the way the projects turn out that I’ve done with it. I haven’t done a mason jar yet, though!

  3. Theresa says

    I had an old nasty looking exhaust vent cover above the stove in my old house, and I sprayed this hammered copper on it…how cool did it look!!! Sorry no pics as I have moved since then, but I was thrilled with the result and the $$ I saved on a new stove exhaust! Copper is Cool!

  4. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & From Harvest To Table says

    It turned out wonderful in the end Debbie. I am a big Rustoleum fan. I just finished a project with it that I will share soon.

  5. says

    Absolutely beautiful Debbie! and I’m a huge fan of Rustoleum. If you like the spray paint you just used, you’re gonna LOVE their Painters Touch spray paint. Just sayin’


  6. says

    Great choice in paint. I love Rustoleum too. Have used lots of Krylon, but not always happy with the finish. Your jar looks so special. Thanks for sharing,
    Audrey Z.
    @ Timeless Treasures

  7. says

    I tend to stick to the same brand paint too unless it doesn’t come in the color I want. I agree not all spray paint is the same, nor is it a winner in my book. Great color choice for your kitchen Debbie.

  8. says

    Looks great Debbie! Amazing what can be done with a mason jar. The first shot with a bit of water, flowers and a ribbon…cute too!

  9. says

    Okay, girlie…what’s going on? Your project is great but you photos are fabulous! Did you take some photo and sytling classes while I was gone? Now, I really have to learn those modes on my new camera! Gonna go pin your pics, now!
    Hugs, JP

  10. says

    Debbie,I had the same problem the last few projects..dripping and just made a mess.I am loving this mason jar,the color is a fit in your kitchen,very nice.

  11. Esmeralda says

    Great project. Just a question. The paint won’t fade or chip when washed?

    I would like to make a few. The jar looks like it was painted inside.

    Thanks in advance.

  12. tammie turner says

    Love the jar. Also love the pendant light. I’ve not seen one with detail like that. Do you know where to buy one like it or did it come with the house? Thanks!


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