How to mod podge a terra cotta pot with fabric

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Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!

I sure hope your not tired of all these little piddly projects I share with you.

Today, I have How to mod podge a terra cotta pot with fabric.

How to mod podge a terra cotta pot with fabric

Using mod podge of course.

This was a first for me.

easy peasy!

mod podge pot

I had this spray painted terra cotta pot laying around our back deck.

So I brought it in, cleaned it up,

and gave it a face lift.

modpodge pot 004

I’m really happy I had all this fabric left from

my reupholstering my kitchen chairs

and even had some left for doing some diy utensil holders.

Even after this project, I still have some left.

anyone want it LOL?

Mod podge terra cotta pots with fabric and a vintage recipe book 018

That ric rac trim covers any little imperfections you may have.

Mod podge terra cotta pots with fabric and a vintage recipe book 019

anyone know the name of this plant?

I threw out the tag,

but I can tell you it is pretty hardy.

So far.

Mod podge terra cotta pots with fabric and a vintage recipe book 020

These two roosters look like they are going at it

don’t they?

mod podge pot with fabric

I guess you can say, I’ve gone gingham style:)

Mod podge terra cotta pots with fabric and a vintage recipe book 018

And that is the 1, 2 3 of adding fabric to an old terra cotta pot with mod podge.


I apply the mod podge in sections as I go.

I then wrapped the fabric, painted over the fabric with the mod podge and smoothed it out with my finger and brush as I went along.

That’s it, not much more detail to share on that.

Dried nicely and it compliments the kitchen decor.

And to think it all started with

reupholstering the kitchen chairs

Kitchen pics

thanks for stopping by today!

Have you seen my Mod podge gallery?

It sure is growing!~

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  1. says

    Very sweet! I love this idea so much and will definitely be using it in the near future. You’ve now shown me one more thing to do with my fabric remenants. Yay! I also am in love with your faux lemon plant. I really want that!

  2. says

    Great idea and it would look so good in my RED Kitchen!! LOL!! I also want to Thank you again for hosting the Dollar Tree party. My post for that party is now my all time Most popular post!! LOL!!


  3. says

    Well, you might know that I am all about the mod podge. I have actually only used fabric one time before. I have starched with fabric, but I usually stick to paper, the thinner the better, for mod podge. I really love the look of these so now I want to head to my fabric stash take an inventory.

    I have no clue as to the plant. I’m super stupid when it comes to plants. I could probably tell you how to kill it, though.

  4. says

    That is an adorable way to decorate pots. I’ve been working on a few pots myself. I will be posting them this week. I think they are going to be a big hit.

  5. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & From Harvest To Table says

    Love, love, love it Debbie! When I mod podge, I use Elmers Glue All. I water it down a little. It works great and is usually less expensive than Mod Podge.

  6. says

    I love the red, country fabric….I guess you are starting to like it more and more, now aren’t you? Hope you had a great weekend!

    • Susan says

      Yeah, a dwarf scheffleria. Pretty. And I love the idea of fabric on a pot. I’m going to see what else I can mod podge it onto.

  7. says

    Hahaha – “gingham style”. This turned out great. I am sure you are ready to move on to a different fabric now too. lol Sad I missed the Dollar Tree party – just couldn’t pull it off last week so hopefully the next one!
    xo, Claire

  8. says


    This is such a cute idea I love the plaid and the piping. The color is also one of my favorite combinations. Very cute and well done!


  9. says

    That is pretty sweet there Debbiedoo! I’ve used fabric before on pots and I love them…..they really dress up the inside of a home and the choices of using cordinating fabrics with the rest of your decor is limitless! Love yours!

  10. says

    LOL…gone gingham style! That’s a good one. Love the look of the mod podged pot. It looks great with your tablescape. And those roosters do look like they’re getting after it.

    You’re creativity and talent is an inspiration!

  11. says

    Thanks, Debbiedoo–that is adorable and I am going to try it for my Christmas succulent pots. Now…how did you “finish” off the bottom of the pots? Did you cut the fabric at the bottom or cover the bottom and make the hole?



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