Diy projects out of drop cloths

Hey,hey there!  Today, I am sharing some projects I have done in the past out of drop cloths.

 They are diy projects out of drop cloths you can do inexpensively and they look great!

You know how inexpensive drop clothes, better known as Painters tarps are?

Pretty Cheap!

You can get a lot of mileage out of one.

I will start with some of my most recent ones…

diy drop cloth kitchen pillow

drop cloth pillow

Next up

drop cloth utensil holders

utensil holders out of painters tarps 015

Then a  kitchen stenciled drop cloth pillow from way back when

WOW,t hat was two years ago already!

drop cloth curtains

These diy drop cloth curtains I did for my older boy Alex’s room a few years back

when I gave his Teenage bedroom a makeover

These drop cloth curtains were inspired from my

initial makeover of Jack’s tween bedroom makeover

These too as well, were painted and stenciled.

Both rooms pretty much remain the same.

No need for changing these drop cloth curtains out, as they go with everything!

I found another drop cloth project I did a few years back

an easy diy memo board facelift.


And my most recent diy placemats with drop cloths

diy placemat and placeset holder 021

That about wraps up the drop cloths.  

If you are not a regular here, I sure would LOVE to see you back again.


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 Oh wait, you want more…

check out my

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  1. says

    You definitely got your monies worth out of your drop cloths, Debbie! I have some soft ones I picked up from Lowe’s. I’m hoping they will be even softer once I wash them. I’m going to make another set of chair slips for our dining chairs with them. I’m also hoping I have enough left over drop cloth from my master bedroom side table skirts to recover a little footstool.

  2. says

    Debbie, such creative ideas!!! I love the kitchen pillow! I’m thinking about slip covering a little settee with a drop cloth. I just need the TIME!!!
    You blog is so inspiring and so are you!

  3. says

    Love every single one of these. I do have a question if you can get around to answering. On your kitchen pillow (adorable!!) you say you used craft paint. I’m not sure what kind to get. Can you recommend one so that I’m sure to get the right thing? Thanks

    • says

      Hi Holly, I used plaid craft paint. Now keep in mind, I won’t be washing this pillow. I know they sell washable crafts paints as well. But Plaid is always my big go to…great colors too.

  4. says

    I love these cute drop cloth ideas. I really love the utensil holders too also the memory board. That is too adorable. Rooster are habit forming!!!!!!

  5. says

    I love anything and everything drop cloth! my favorite material! I look every time I go into home depot for their “special” deals…. they are so cheap when they do it that way.



  6. Kris says

    Hi Debbie. What a coincidence. I am headed to Lowe’s today for a new drop cloth. I want to put one up on the covered patio to finish off my outdoor room.
    Love those things.
    xo Kris

  7. says

    I love all of these ideas, Debbie! I never thought to paint drop cloth. I love the stenciling, too. I have a ton of this stuff…time to use it!!


  8. says

    Love, love, love!! I’ve been thinking lately to use drop cloths as curtains. Do you wash the drop cloths before painting and once painted, are they stiff? Love your ideas!!!~~Angela

  9. says

    I got rid of the dark ugly curtains in our kitchen, and made new ones using drop cloths. I love them! It’s so much brighter in there now. I have a lot of material left over, I love the pillows you did, I think that’s my next plan. Thanks Debbie! :)

  10. says

    Ilove them too, I covered to chairs with them and made an area rug with one, I shellacked it after painting it, I made tote bags, a sewing machine cover and big sac to hold my kids soft balls and basket balls, I LOVE these drop cloths!!

    • Terena Beckman says

      hope I am looking at same drop cloth you guys are. says made out of canvas, 9 x 12 $20.00. Just wasn’t sure if that was good or canvas to heavy, but love the look of yours. The shelf said painters drop cloth, should there be something different that says tarp on pkg.?

  11. sabri says

    Deb…I wanted to see more of your drop cloth ideas but when i click your link it won’t display the page …Says the page can’t be found…I am pretty sure i am clicking it right..not sure what’s going on…am i the only one who can’t see…Cause I Really Want Too… :(

  12. Tracy Jacobs says

    Hi hope all well my name is Tracy I am from South Africa, and follow your website
    everday, would love to now where do you get the stencils with love on do you
    make them yourself or do you buy, and is it just material paint you use.

    • says

      Hi Tracy, nice to meet you. I get my stencils from any hobby shop, even Walmart has some stencils. People do make them as well, but that requires a special paper and printer which I find buying them much easier. Yes, any craft paint will do.

  13. Mandy says

    I may have missed this, but wondering if you wash the drop cloth first. I heard it shrinks really bad. Does it lose shape by washing before? I want to make some curtains and dont expect I will need to wash them a whole lot and I don’t want them to lose their shape.
    Ideas on washing?


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