How to make an old window into a chalkboard work of art

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how to make an old window into a chalkboard

Always something, and sometimes even no good if you know me:)

Today, I am sharing how to make an old window into a chalkboard work of art.

Well, in my opinion it is a work of art.

Chalk painted projects and diy chalkboard window

I will have you know I did clean the crud real good before I brought this old chippy window indoors.

I scored it at a thrift store for $10.00.  Probably paid too much,

but hey where can you get original one of a kind art work for $10.00?


Chalk painted projects and diy 004

I painted each window pane with La Craie Bayou Blue.

Remember when I was updating my Home decor and painted my rooster?

I then blow dried it to make this project move along a little faster.

Probably not recommended normally, but for a small project like this…

no prob.


How to season a chalk board

I seasoned the panes with chalk.

Not sure at this point what I was going to do, so just in case.


Chalk painted projects and diy 006

Wipe off chalk with dry lint free cloth.

I used an old white t-shirt of the boys.


Chalk painted projects and diy 010

this is for you sissie, and for the rest of the world that makes fun of my recipe stencil.

Still going strong 350 projects later:)

Best $2.99 I ever spent at Hobby lobby.

Chalk painted projects and diy 008

I thought I would try out La Craie’s new medium crackle on the window panes.

Not sure if I did it right, it did crackle just a tad.

Chalk painted projects and diy 012

The stenciling did not stop there…

a few roo’s too:)

Chalk painted projects and diy 013

I lightly sanded my stenciling job to fade it out a bit.

how to make an old window into a chalkboard

how to make an old window into a chalkboard

so what do you think?
Not too bad for $10.00 and a little time.

Chalk painted projects and diy 017

Speaking of Chalkboard projects!

I have put together

50 + chalkboard projects

50 + Chalkboard projects



Pin it and make it later:)Diy repurposed window to chalkboard

 But wait!!!!!

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  1. says

    Love it! I have an old cruddy window in my basement waiting for inspiration. I think you just gave it to me! (Love the recipe and rooster stencils btw.)
    Off to pin…

  2. Joann says

    Great job! love the colors & the little roo`s too. Have an old window in our livingroom its been there for yrs. I have painted a few times (different things) then a few razer blades later there she sits naked – YIKES! Nice seeing yours, inspiration to splash some pretty flowers on her. Enjoy your blog & fb too : ) Have a cock -a – doodle day!!!


  3. says

    That’s cute. I have a stack of saved old windows for my future garden shed if that ever happens. If not I guess I can make something cute.

  4. says

    Great project for an old window, Debbie! The antique mart used to have a ton of old windows to choose from, in various sizes. Of course, now that I want a couple, they are nowhere to be found! I have to go to Hobby Lobby today. Maybe I’ll swing by the stencil aisle. : )

  5. says

    Super cute… SO how many ROOS do you have now? :) I did see a super cute one this weekend & I might just have to go back to get it…it was a green depression glass.

  6. says

    I love it! Great minds think alike, I guess! I just did a similar project for my office! There’s no “roos” on mine though…..hmmmm….I may have to rethink that! LOL! Have a great week!~~Angela

  7. says

    This turned out wonderfully Debbie! I really do think it is a work of art! I found 4 windows while out curb shopping, have started working on one, but may try this idea for one of the others! Love the look and roosters are always cool! Hugs, Leena

  8. says

    lol $10 ? I have a gold mine in my back yard… yep, aging some windows out there. hahahah

    love your one of a kind chalkboard art!

    ps can you tell I’m going through my google reader? catching up on some reading this morning.

  9. Frank Mills says

    Please remember old windows may have lead paint. Be very careful–no heat, no sanding, no dry scraping.

    Best wishes.


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