Childhood memories of days gone by

Howdy there folks!

 Today, I am taking a trip down memory lane.

April 12th is my birthday.  I will be 47 years old.

 As the years go by, I get more and more sentimental.

You can thank my children for this post.

I swear, I don’t think my boys think I am human, or should I say, ever was a teenager.

They just have this vision of me, as “MOM”!

So I decided, I would pull out the trunk!

Memories of childhood 001

This trunk has not been opened in well over 20 years.

I added to the trunk when Alex was a baby with some of his photos.

However, I have not rummaged through it

 as I mention for well over 20 years.

Memories of childhood 010

My boys went through it with me.

Here is my Mom, my first day home from the hospital.

I look at this picture and I can feel her happiness…


She was just  all of 16 years old.

Yep, just 16 years old.  Of course, we would never recommend becoming a parent at this age.

Of course, she had options and choices.

Her choice was to keep me and become a Mother.

{thank you, thank you, thank you}

However, I like to think of myself as a happy accident, you know one that was waiting to happen anyway.

Jack never knew my Mom was that young of an age when she had me…

he of course being my very inquisitive  almost 12 year old child asked

“Oh my Gosh Mom were you an accident”?

quickly followed up with, “was I an accident”?

“No Jack you were planned”!

A plan thought out and well executed if I may add LOL!

Our older son Alex will be 16 in August, and I just can’t imagine at that age becoming a parent.

Memories of childhood 011

I was a rebel, as you can see, a destructive little rebel at that.

I mean look at me, I am happy to be in trouble!

Always up to something!

I certainly had a mind of my own back then,

and still do:)

Memories of childhood 006

By the time my teenage years kicked in, I was in full rebel mode.

I even decided one year, I was leaving the State of NY and going back to Jersey to live with my Father.

Memories of childhood 007

Week after week hand written letters from my Grandmother came in the mail.

Enclosed would either be Love is

or Charmer clippings from the local paper.

Oh how I loved these things.

I Saved every single one.

Everyone wanted me to come back home, of course including my Mother.

Memories of childhood 008

Finally after a year, I decided it was time to fly my Father’s coop

and go back “HOME”!

I missed home terribly..

I missed my Mom and my sister

and of course my dear Grandparents.

Memories of childhood 031

That little girl in me, still needed her Mom, although, too stubborn to ever really tell her that.

Wassup with the Unibrow btw?

I even had a baby unibrow 

Gosh, Mom couldn’t you have shaved it or something?

Things of course  all ironed out in the end….

and by the time the 90’s hit

I was growing up and much more sensible.

Being a Mother is not always easy,

a single one at that raising two daughters.

Memories of childhood 009

I even entered my Mom in the Oil of Olay skin contest…

she is and was so beautiful and so was her skin.

I still say they missed the boat with her.

Memories of childhood 005

In the 90’s glamour shots were huge!

I decided what a great gift to give to my Mom.

Oh to be glamorous for just a day.

$500.00 later

we were.

I share this picture with you because my older boy duly noted when looking through my photos…

that it was NOT until about this time I started growing into my looks.

Thanks son!

Apparently, he did not find the 80’s so appealing.

In fact, he even said, he was happy girls do not look like that anymore!


Memories of childhood 016

 and so with some of my little charmer clippings

I decided

I would make {mod podge}

a cute little memory can to keep on my desk.

As a remembrance

 and in honor of

 being a Mom,

a daughter

a Grandparent

a sister, a wife,

and all the ups and downs life can bring with all of  the above!

They all certainly make and shape you into who you are today. 

Memories of childhood 014

And would I change a thing?

you may ask or think……

my answer would be

Probably not!

Mike's pictures from Ireland 093

I’m still a rebel!!

but a cautious, much more considerate, kind and loving one.

I can say that, proudly today…

and I owe that all to my MOM!

Believe me when I tell you…there is no way I am advocating becoming a Mother at 16 years old…I am simply telling you,

I got lucky!

There are many kids today, not using their noggins, and you know, their  stories will not be, and are NOT  such a happy ending.


Thanks for stopping by today and learning a little more about me:)

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  1. says

    Oh, Debbie Dear! What a sweet post! Just a darling post of you and your little mother. You were such a pretty little girl and I love the mischief in your pretty eyes! 😉 I love your pretty glamor shot! Very touching post, Dear One!
    You are the sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. Tardevil says

    Great post, Debbie. I’ve been 47 a few months, and it’s really no different. Your memory can is sweet. Can’t wait to see how you celebrate the big 5-0!!

  3. Tardevil says

    p.s. Your son & my 13 y.o. daughter make about the same kind of comments. She asked me if I grew up listening to Chubby Checker. Chubby Checker, can you imagine??? I’m not a dinosaur.

  4. says

    What a wonderful post, Debbie! Love your memory can. Your mother looks like a beautiful lady and you have followed in her footsteps. Happy early birthday!~~Angela

  5. says

    Happy (almost) 47th, dear Debbie! This was such a sweet post. I’m a single mom and sometimes I think “this is just too hard…I can’t do this any more!” This was a lovely reminder that this time will pass, and everything really will work out ok in the end. Thanks for sharing these touching glimpses into your past. Your memory can is adorable!


  6. says

    Aw, what an awesome post, Debbie! Full of sentiment and wit … love it! And, of course, Glamour Shots rocked! Thankfully, I can’t find mine! LOL

  7. says

    What a beautiful life story. Thanks for sharing. I love the fruit holder on the kitchen table. I am glad I couldn’t afford glamour shots at the time! And that curl on top of your head with Santa!

  8. says

    Great post Debbie. I am a very nostalgic person. I love collecting things I remember in childhood. Your Mom is a beauty as are you. Wasn’t that a funky wire basket with fruit in it on the table on your first day home photo?

  9. says

    Happy Happy Birthday my friend!! What a beautiful post… I loved hearing about your childhood and seeing all of your pictures!
    My kids do the same thing to me when I show them pictures of me from the 80’s, my oldest likes to tease me about the “big” hair LOL!!

  10. says

    What a wonderful and beautiful post. You are really so special and to learn more about you is so great. I did a glamour shot too!!!!! It was the thing to do right?!!!!! Happy Birthday my friend. Enjoy your special day tomorrow.

  11. Kris says

    Debbie that was so sweet! Kudos to your Mom!!! My Mom was 15 when she married my Dad! They had their first at 16 and then three more in rapid succession! They had a beautiful love, and a beautiful life, learning, and growing up….together! They were in the minority for sure!
    Loved those LOVE IS comics!
    xo Kris

  12. says

    Debbie, this is a darling post. Good for your boys to know about you! Family stories are important and should be shared. I think all children need to know their family’s story because it gives children a true picture of life. That in turn develops self confidence and helps children face the ups and downs that are the normal flow of life.
    Your clippings took me back. My mom would send me the same kind of little newspaper clippings in the 70s.
    Thanks for sharing a fun post!

  13. says

    Soooo sweet Debbie! I have some of the “love is” clippings in my scrapbook! We are close in age and so many of your memories mirror mine! I even entered my mom in the Oil of Olay contest! Happy Birthday!!! Love that glamour look so much better now!! :)

  14. says

    Awwwww, that was such a wonderful post Debbie! You were so darn cute, even with a uni-brow:) I can’t believe your mom was only 16 when she had you, she sure did a great job with you though. My oldest is 23 now and I think wow, I was having my 2nd baby at his age…weird thought. But my boys actually thought I was very cool, when they look at old pics they’ll say “You’re the only one who’s not dressed weird mom”. When they see pics of me now? Not so cool lol…they usually have a good snicker at my expressions:)

  15. says

    What great memories that you shared. As we get older we get more sentimental I think. Thanks for sharing this and Happy Birthday, we are near the same age, my birthday is April 30th and I will turn 48. Enjoy your special day.


  16. says

    I liked your memory post! I became a mommy just three months before I was 17. My oldest daughter is now 45. I am thankful I was allowed to keep her…and she still is a great source of joy in my life. :) I had three daughters by the time I was 22. I just had to grow up along with them! :) Sometimes it was hard…but always wonderful. We have had 14 grandchildren! Three of those are in heaven, so we have 11 here on earth. They too bring so much joy and many blessings into our lives!

  17. says

    Don’t wait so long to open the trunk next time. There is nothing like going back in time to remind us how fortunate we are today.


  18. says

    Happy Birthday. You share your birthday, April 12, with my dear mom. She will turn 95 tomorrow. So please think of her when you celebrate. Have a grand day, because you DESERVE it..

  19. says

    Aww Debbie, I love this post. So nice to see and hear a little about you. I love the memory can, you’ll be so busy thinking of days gone by, you won’t have time to create! lol
    And, if I miss you tomorrow, Happy Birthday!! 47…I’ll be 57 in a couple of weeks…my best girl friend is 58 today. (Guess what I’m taking her? A garden cart we made!! Sorry…but I am stopping at the post office on my way!! wink wink)
    Have a wonderful birthday weekend!!
    Debbie :)

  20. says

    Debbie, what a beautiful post. Don’t you feel so lucky to have all the memories, good and bad, and the wonderful mementos that go with them. Hope you have a beautiful birthday, you baby you…Happy Thursday..Judy

  21. barbara reno says

    just luv the picture with your precious mother on your first day home!
    just look at your mother’s face, she is so happy and proud, what a darling mother you had/have.
    and you are more beautiful today than your glamour shot day.
    ps. I had my first child one month after my 17th birthday and then four more precious children. I have been so richly blessed

  22. Laurie says

    That hits so close to home in so many ways, made me smile :-) I hope my kids wouldn’t want to change too many things either. Wish I would have thought to keep a trunk or something as the years went by tho.. Thank you this made my day!!

  23. says

    A beautiful post! I know your sons will really appreciate these treasures when they’re older. I’ve always been a rebel too so I do understand! :) Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday!


  24. Cindy says

    This is my very favorite post you have done. I love, love, love the picture of your mom holding you as a baby. Thank you for sharing your past with is.

  25. says

    What a wonderful trip down memory lane, Debbie. Your Mom was/is just a beautiful lady. What a blessing that she was able to raise you to be the wonderful person that you are today- xo Diana

  26. Linda says

    What a lovely post I am so touch I can’t believe all those photos Aloys wondered where they went that’s out loud I can’t believe all this time has passed but you my dear daughter’s are the best thing that ever happened to me and my life and I do not regret one minute of you having you with me for my life journeys trip you and Angela I hope your birthday is fun and great and you get everything you deserve in life you have become a wonderful mother and I am very very proud of you I love you very much mom

  27. says

    This post brought tears to my eyes. I love that you went thru the trunk with your boys. What a wonderful way to learn about Mom!
    Happy Birthday sweet lady! Just know, you have had a positive effect upon my life. BTW, your mom was and is gorgeous as are you!.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I don’t know how to make that song thingie.

    Tight Hugs, Ginger

  28. says

    Wow Thanks for all the memories it brought back for me too.
    You weren/t a Rebel You where a Free spirit I was a Rebel lol
    We could gave tore up the place lol Loved it !!

  29. Suzanne Hale says

    Happy Birthday Debbie. Thank you for sharing your memories. In May I will be turning 60 and have been walking down memory lane…lots of great memories!

  30. grammygoodwill says

    Oh, Debbie. I love this post. Having just lost my mom, as you might remember, the memories your post brought back to me are so sweet.
    Your mom sounds like an outstanding woman.
    I had to laugh about the “accident” comments. I have 2 older brothers and grew up hearing how much my parents wanted a daughter. When I was old enough to understand, I assured Mom that I knew I must have been well planned since I knew they had wanted a daughter. I can still see her smile and laugh. Then she felt bad that she had told me none of us were actually “planned”. When I was in college, she sent me a cartoon with those sentiments. I still have it somewhere.
    And, by the way, I collected all those Love Is comics when I was dating my first boyfriend.

  31. says

    I LOVED this post Debbie! From the cute pic near that awesome phonograph set up, to your adorable mom. Oh and those Glamour shots- ha ha! I did that too! Thank you for sharing your lovely memories and making me smile :)

  32. says

    You are the sweetest and most beautiful and YOUNG-LOOKING 47 year old, EVER !!!
    This is the 12th…so HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY with lots of love….
    xoxoxoxoxo to the moon and back.

  33. says

    I feel like I really know you now. Your mom was so brave to keep you and she shared you with us! Give her a big hug. She is a great woman. Love that glamour shot. I remember those. Never had one done though. And honestly Debbie, you are soooo much cuter now! You are like a fine wine ~ improving with age!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  34. Sharon M says

    Happy B Day fellow Generation Xer! So many women in your mothers generation were forced to give up their babies for adoption if they weren’t married. :(

  35. Krista says

    I know I’m a bit late on this one but I just wanted to say how much I loved this piece. I loved hearing you talk about your Mom and you growing up like that. It was great to read, put a smile on my face today…. : ) I didn’t realize that we were so close in age either. Happy Belated Birthday also….


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