Angel food Pineapple cake dessert

Hey there!

Last week I shared this Angel food Pineapple cake dessert recipe on my facebook page and thought,

I should share it over here as well.

No brainer



and delish!

Angel food Pineapple surprise dessert.

angel food pineapple dessert

Two ingredients..

Angel food cake mix

and a can of 21 oz. crushed pineapple.

Angel food pineapple dessert

Mix the two together…

YES, juice and ALL!

Angel food pineapple dessert

Pour in greased bundt pan

or pan of choice.

Bake according to cake box.

You may top this cake off with whip cream and strawberries too…

blueberries, or whatever refreshing fruit you would like.

Pineapple angel food cake

Now the funny part is…

by the time this cake was cooled…

I went down to take a picture of it.

HOWEVER, my stinkin boys, had demolished it, and left me one piece in a bowl.

I kid you NOT.

I wanted to pinch their faces off, and not in a good way:)

So here is a picture of what it did look like for the most part in whole.

NOTE:  Because this cake can drop a bit, I tried it with a yellow cake mix as well…it was outstanding! Same way, no  eggs, no oil..just the cake mix and the crushed pineapple

angel food pineapple dessert cakesource image

Thanks for stopping by today.

This is not a cake that you turn upside down. Simply leave in pan and cut from there.

UPDATE: Today I shared and even better variation of this cake. NOT with angel food

Pineapple toasted coconut dump cake

pineapple toasted coconut dump cake


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  1. says

    You are so right Debbie, it is so hard to explain these things. They just don’t understand, I am not sure we really can either. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe, looking forward to trying it :)

    xo, Tanya

  2. says

    Easy peasy,my kinda sweets…would like to “pin” from DebbieDoos…don’t know if I can “pin” the SparksRecipe image source,or can I…would rather “pin” your photo and put in my Pinterest favorite recipes,can I pin that photo or should I wait till you can make another and pin that photo?..things have gotten little crazy in bloggy world about “pinning” …just wondering?…I would love to put this on my “favorite recipe” board in my Pinterest,just let me know.

  3. says

    Well, I made this today after work. My bundt pan is too small and overflowed onto the bottom of the oven, stinking ujp the kitchen and making such a mess after I had just cleaned the oven 2 nights ago!!!! I know, it’s funny and brings tears to my eyes, literally!!! Just had to pass this along. I shared it on my blog and the pics are there with the disaster!! Tastes really good!! I will try again, but before I clean the oven and use a bigger bundt pan! Live and learn!!!!

  4. says

    Seriously? It’s that easy? Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    I don’t think there is any way at all to explain evil. :( My heart breaks for our poor children. They definitely live in a different world than the one we grew up in.

  5. Laurie says

    I have made this cake many times and love it!! Experimented tonight with chunky apple sauce, not bad either. Read somewhere out there that there is also a lemon recipe.

  6. says

    Sound delightful! Did I just say that? Sounds yummy Debbie…esp. that pineapple part!!!!! Rick & Val are huge PA fans…I’m allergic ;(

  7. says

    Love the recipe ,I will try it but I Love even more that your
    boys had to have some of Mom’s cake. that’s what makes memories.
    Debbie you are an Awesome person and lol I would Love to come to
    your house for coffee and cake!!! Come on Everyone party at Debbie’s House
    Thank You Great Recipe and You made me laugh.

  8. says

    Buongiorno Debbie,
    che bello vedere dei prodotti italiani nel tuo blog….
    In Italia la marca “Del Monte” è molto apprezzata perchè è veramente molto buona la sua frutta…. soltanto che da noi l’ananas si trova a fette nel barattolo oppure come macedonia, e non fatto a pezzi come da voi.
    Ciao Myriam :))

  9. says

    It looks so perfectly light. I am generally drawn to the light desserts in the summer time. It’s either the heat or the need to feel like I’m trying to be thinner.

    And I agree about the marathon. How can you explain evil?

  10. says

    I bought the ingredients…will put it together today. LOVE pineapple anything ~ :)

    These evil acts are difficult for us to understand….how in the world could we expect innocent kids to get it? It’s just heartbreaking that all this happens in the world and now on U.S. soil where we used to feel safe. Perhaps just explain that these people have been taught evil by those that don’t know Christ or have not had a good childhood. It’s difficult to explain as our kids/grands accept everyone as being good. Remember to be kind to others as we never know what’s going on in their lives.


  11. Laurie says

    By the way chunky apple sauce worked just as well :-). And there is one with angel food and lemon pie filling I am going to try next, then off to try the ones that use a can of soda :-) only they use reg. Cake mixes not angel food.

  12. says

    I remembered this recipe and picked up the ingredients today at the store….will probably make it this weekend or next. I love pineapple upside down cake so I think I am going to be happy with this. And so easy! Talk about ‘whipping something up” ha ha ! :)

  13. says

    Just now catching up on all your posts, for some reason I haven’t received anything from you in ages. Just signed back up to follow via email. Nothing from Facebook shows on my Facebook page either, I knew that you couldn’t not be posting.
    Anyhoo, I love this cake! I’ve made it many, many times over that last couple of years. So easy and good!

  14. Darkeyes says

    what size is the can of pineapple. I does sound delish, going to try this asap. I love angel food, quite the diff. thank you for sharing

  15. Amy says

    This is my first time making angel food cake. And I was wondering if you also add the water that it calls for on the back of the box since you added the juice from the pineapple?

  16. Cathi P says

    I made this today, but altered the recipe a little. I had a few bananas that were really ripe, so I smashed them up and added them to the mix along with the can of pineapple. I also added 1/2 cup of flaked coconut and some chopped marashino cherries to the cake mix. We added some whipped cream to each slice and some sliced strawberries on top. It was sooo good. Almost like a banana split cake.

  17. Maria says

    Just wondering if you cool your cake upside down like the actual angel food cake recipe calls for? I made this and tried to cool it upside down & it fell into the counter! *sigh* However, it was still delicious!

  18. Georgina Mendoza says

    I made your cake it tasted very good, but when I slice it everything crumbles.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you,

    • says

      Yes, I got your comment. I made this cake about 4 times. 2 times it was perfect and the other two mine fell apart too. None the less it was delicious just did not look pretty. I think the key is the egg whites in the mix. That is all I can think of.

  19. Holly says

    If you live in higher altitudes(3500 ft or above) try adding 1-2 Tbs cornstarch to mix to keep it from collapsing .

  20. Paula Strong says

    I saw this recipe of Facebook and I used a long cake pan as the recipe said. It came out very flat. Wondering if the bundt pan will help, or maybe I just cooked it too long?

  21. says

    I’ve been making this cake for 17yrs. I use canned pie filling any flavor you want. Always turns out fantastic. In a 9×13 pan it will rise and then when it is taken out of the oven drop some. The most most cake you can make. Great if your in an RV as it takes up very little room and can be put together in short time. Can’t wait to try the pineapple.


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