Southern porch painted Haint blue

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it has taken me this long to share with you our Southern Porch painted Haint blue.

Way back when I shared with you some pictures and history of the Southern Haint blue porch tradition.

Blue painted ceilings can be found on porches across America, often for different reasons. Historians say the blue porch ceiling was born in South Carolina, where a group of African descendants believed that ghosts, or “haints,” couldn’t cross water. In painting their porches blue, they trusted the spirits would be confused by the water-colored hues and tricked into thinking they couldn’t enter their home. The school of thought became so popular in the South, that no matter the color blue, blue exterior home accents were dubbed Haint Blue.

{Source of info}

Blue porch ceilings are said by some to promote a cool, calming atmosphere. The tradition also has some superstition behind it – that blue ceilings ward off evil spirits, as well as spiders and wasps, and that blue is a harbinger of good luck.

{source of info}

Although, big in Charleston, Savannah and various other places in the South…

even in New Orleans I believe…… not so much here in my little town.

I am betting we are the only house with a Haint blue ceiling.

But you know me, I am OK with that…I don’t want to be like everyone else:)

I will share with you our Southern Haint blue porch, that stands out like a sore thumb in our little town!

Southern porch

I have to admit, even my painter was apprehensive.

In fact, he said he has never done a job like this.

When all was said and done…

 Said Painter man

liked it a lot.

As you can see it is slightly different than the Blue I shared in my first picture.

That picture was taken in Charleston.

There are in fact different variations of the haint blue and I went with

a Charleston Blue color that appealed to me. 

Of course, some blue accents here and there.

You know I love blue.

haint blue porch

Spring bird house

I can’t wait to get some pretty flowers out here.

Rustic southern porch with haint blue ceiling

Thanks for stopping over today!

front porch in the south

Pardon the end of winter, not looking so fresh but will very soon

Southern Rustic painted Haint blue porch.

Ghostly legends spurred the Haint Blue porch ceiling trend in the South, but you can pick this color just because it’s pretty

 and why NOT be different in your town..

Thanks for stopping by today!
Hope you sit and have some sweet tea with me.Southern porch haint blue and the meaning of




  1. says

    I think it looks very pretty, Debbie. I just finished reading a book that took place in the South and they mention these ceilings and their meaning. Of course, it had to do with ghosts. I can’t wait to get some flowers going around our condo. If the temps cooperate as forecast, our snow should all be gone by early this coming week. That will be a start at least!

  2. says

    I adore that! It really pops and compliments your house and colors!! Good for you, being daring and different! I only have a tiny porch, but I might try it!

  3. says

    I think it looks great Debbie, such a pretty color! Your porch always looks so pretty and welcoming! I can’t wait to start planting some flowers! We’re having spring like weather here this weekend upper 50’s maybe even hitting 60:)

  4. says

    Oh, I love it, Debbie Dear! There’s lots of historical homes here in Galveston and almost everyone has the porch ceiling painted blue to ward off the spooks and it also is supposed to keep wasps from building there nest on the blue ceiling. It’s supposed to trick them into thinking the blue is the sky. Wasps must be pretty dumb! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. says

    Debbie, You porch looks great. “Haint it pretty!” Can’t wait to see it all dressed for
    Another story about the blue ceilings is that the birds won’t build nests on the porch for the previously stated reasons.
    I prefer to think it was just another demand Scarlett made of Rhett! Just because she was Scarlett.!
    Love to all, Ginger

  6. says

    I’ve had my porch ceiling painted blue for about 7 years and I’ve had no wasp nests there.
    However, the spiders seem to love it!
    The wasps make their nests in the fireplace or under the cushion seats, which completely freaks me out.
    I’d prefer they hang out near the ceiling so I wouldn’t come upon a big scary surprise! LOL
    Looks beautiful, Debbie!

  7. says

    I LOVE it, Debbie. You know I’m a big fan of blue myself. I didn’t know the southern blue porch ceilings were called haint blue. I’ll have to look for that. I’m considering painting our porch ceiling too. Then we can stick out like sore thumbs together. 😉

  8. RMFrancis says

    Love your blue porch. Not sure how it would look on a mid west porch but kind of want to do it just to keep the bug away!

  9. says

    Debbie, I am so in love with Haint paint! It is all over Savannah too! Your porch is stunning and even more delightful because of your fabulous blue/green ceiling!!!! How charming! Now NO spirits will cross your threshold, for sure!
    I have such an itch to do the same thing to the porch at StoneGable!!!!
    LOVE this post!

  10. says

    Well it makes me want to paint my porch ceiling. Maybe not Haute Blue, but it’s just boring soffit cream now, so anything to make it stand out would be nice.


  11. says

    Oh I adore this! I want to paint my front porch ceiling haint blue but I’m not sure it’s the think to do in Ohio! I might just do it anyway. I’m a blue lover too. Good job!

  12. says

    Debbie … I knew you were planning to paint the porch ceiling blue and wondered if you changed your mind. Thanks for sharing. Looks really nice. Our ceiling is not very pretty, but don’t know if I could go that dark, but maybe just a hint of blue. Something to think about.
    Have a great week,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  13. says

    Love Love Love it. It is gorgeous. We took a trip to Charleston a year ago and I just loved all the beautiful homes the side sleeping porches and the history. I want to be a SC girl. I think your porch is so welcoming and pretty

  14. says

    My daughter painted her new screened porch Haint blue and it’s SO purty ….LOL I have been wanting to do this to mine for so long but my husband is resistant! Our house is perfect for it too! Looks so good…..maybe you’ll start a trend! I can’t believe your painter has never done that before…and he’s in the South too!

  15. Kathy says

    I love it! And your accents are perfect!! Have a wonderful time in Ireland…so jealous! Never been to Dublin only Cork and Kinsale…area and loved it! Safe travels!

  16. says

    I just Love your Blue Ceiling and the rest of everyone else if they don’t like it Oh well !!
    You like it and that’s what is important.
    Looks Beautiful

  17. says

    Hi Debbie. I love it. Seems I’ve heard the story of the “haint”. Is it the bad spirit and painting the porch keeps it away? I think I may have heard about that. Our porch ceiling is painted blue, but with the Victorians I think it was just to signify the blue sky overhead..It’s very pretty, whatever..Happy Weekend..Judy

  18. says

    Almost all of the older homes in our town have the blue porch ceilings. Being a Southern Girl, seeing blue ceilings is the norm over most of the South. Reasons why? Haines, wasps, and it is cooler.
    Your porch looks great.

  19. says

    Love it! Being a southern girl myownself AND having spent two years in the Carolinas during graduate school, I am very partial to the blue porch ceiling. Interesting about the ghosts – I was always under the impression that it kept things cooler. Either way – it’s lovely!

    Looking for the newbie party and wondering if it’s been completely replaced by the Pinterest party instead.


  20. Johanna says

    Your porch turned out great! What a lovely color. I’ve always had a fling for the Southern style and I think I´ll take the idea overseas and paint our porch blue :-)

  21. Vickie Dellinger says

    Now I know why my 100 year old farm house porch has hints of blue paint showing through the white in my porch ceiling. Yes , I think mine will be blue again soon. Love yours.. Great Job !

  22. says

    I fell in love with those ceilings the first time I visited Charleston, about 20 years ago. Just one more reason for me to move to SC! (Plus the bigger paycheck.)


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