Learn how to make felt flowers

Ok, little did  I know there are so many different ways to make felt flowers.

Did you ever want to learn how to make felt flowers?

the easy way?

I was looking of course for the easiest.

As my teenager says, “that’s how I roll”

Dollar tree craft supplies

You see I bought this felt from Dollar tree and I thought for sure I could make something fun and cute with this.

Felt flowers, no brainer

Now how do I do it?


and you will find more answers than you know what to do with.

Socrafty on squidoo seemed to be my best bet

Each one has simple, clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

Peony (no sew)

Chrysanthemum on wreath

Felt Rosettes

Felt Flower Scarf

Poinsettia Felt Flower

Small and Delicate flower tutorial

Dhalia Pattern (no sew)


All super tutorials btw, and cute projects too you may want to head on over and check it our for yourself.

Here is my rendition and keep in mind, I am a NEWB, first time here for these.

felt flowers 010

Start with your felt cut to size.

The felt came in a pack at the dollar tree with a variety of color.

You see I have a line of hot glue along the edge.

Now fold and press

felt flowers 011

Then you cut the closed side of your felt as shown here

felt flowers 012

Roll em roll em roll em

felt flowers 013

at the end when just about finished hot glue your flower secure

felt flowers 015

The bottom will look like this.

It sure does look colorful in the background doesn’t it?

Felt rosettes and flowers

As you can see I also made some rosettes.

Those were a little more difficult in my opinion, but then again,

they really are simple this was just my first time making anything with felt.

How to make felt flowers

Now as per usual…

what will I do with these cuties?

Stay tuned as I have a plan.

How to make felt flowers the easy way

Thank you all so much for all your loving and sweet comments on My Spring flowers and thoughts post.

Seriously, I was touched, and of course a little intimidated to put things of this nature out there.

But, that is who I am, and I want you to know ME..not just the creative bee in me, but the neurotic side as well.

In the meantime, I hope I encouraged you to craft and make some felt flowers of your own.

it really is fun trying new things.

I admit they are certainly not the best I have seen, but I bet once I have them displayed cute and Spring like

they will look like a million minus 999,000:)



  1. Sonny says

    cute cute.. I am not to crafty but you gave good instructions with visuals so I’m thinking maybe I can do this.

  2. says

    They are so cute Debbie! So Springy…it would be so cute to have a bowl full of felt blooms!
    Hope you’ve had a GREAT weekend,

  3. says

    As a well known blogger would say, “Ca yute!” I would love to stick a bunch of them on a noodle wreath. I love stuff like that.

  4. says

    Super cute!!!! I might have to use some of these for my spring wreath this year!!! Little pop of color!!!


  5. says

    How cute are those??!! I’ve never thought of, or attempted, felt flowers. I wish my girls were young again, that would have been a fun project with them. I’ll be anxious to see what you do with them!

  6. Martha says

    I was searching the web for some fun, easy, cheap crafts for a sleepover that girls could do & have fun. Also that seniors could make. Thanks for your help. I will be back soon & let you know this turns out. The sleepover is the end of the month and the seniors will be in November.


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