How to stencil on furniture

How to Stencil on furniture.

Oh how I love theeee!

Love thee what you ask?

I love to stencil…you know that already if you are a regular.

But I truly love to stencil on furniture and am going to share with you my recent project and some tips and tricks.

The best part about stenciling, is it really takes not much of your time at all.


When cutting edge offered my readers and I  stencil credit of 75.00, you bet I was all over that.

stencil tips

Cutting edge has a gorgeous selection.

The quality of their stencils are remarkable.

Believe me I would know, I have used A LOT of stencils.

In fact you may see my ceiling medallion that I did a year ago…

That too came from Cutting edge


This is real life stenciling here, so the next few pictures are nothing fancy.

I have this old plate that I like to use for my acrylic craft paints.

You receive some pretty detailed instructions with your stencil and they do recommend paints to use.


This is sort of hard to tell, but my specific stencil came in a large sheet, along with a level.

Because I was NOT using this on the wall, I did not use the level.

I would recommend the level when stenciling on the wall.

I used stencil tape on each side, top and bottom to keep it in place.


The key to stenciling, is NOT to over saturate your roller, sponge or brush that you are using.

It is always better to use too little,

than too much.

If you use too much paint, it will bleed

and you will not have that professional hand painted

artist look that you should have when

your project is complete.


As you can see

I have NO bleeding at all

a perfect smooth edge.

stenciled furniture

This stencil also came with a small cut out butterfly

 You can randomly place the butterfly in between the beautiful scrolls and flowers.

I used two colors on my stencil

First the green

with using it’s own individual roller.

painted furniture with a stencil

Then I used this espresso color using another roller I had from  previous stencil job.



I will show you more of our Spring Bedroom soon.


Check out my Stenciling gallery while you are here!




  1. says

    Your dresser turn out really nice.. Thank you for showing
    us this Stencil page.. I’ve been wanting to do a floor rug
    under my dining room table, the stains are getting out
    of hand and not cleaning properly… I did find the perfect
    stencil and will send away for it.. but first I entered your
    giveaway with hopes of getting it for free… big smile here!
    Thanks again

  2. says

    Wow Debbie the dresser came out beautiful. What an amazing transformation. Now that little dresser has such big personality. Love it.

  3. says

    The colors you used look most excellent with the green bed throw I can see a smidge of. When I was young, you know back before the dawn of time, I used to stencil often but they only came in little hard to work with sizes. I am happy stencils have evolved.


  4. says

    Love that stencil on the dresser and using two colors really enhances it. Never thought of using two colors.
    Thanks for sharing. I have one of their stencils and would love to have others.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. Nanette says

    I have a table I’m been wanting to stencil. I think I’m finally ready. Love your two color idea as well.

  6. says

    I love stenciling, too, and yours turned out fabulous! I love the little butterflies added, so cute. I really have to get some of their stencils, they are so awesome!
    I have a question, in your post you say ‘The stencil I used is called’ but the name of it is missing.
    Debbie :)

  7. says

    I haven’t commented in a while but I do still read, ha!! I love the stenciling on the dresser. Beautiful. Also, I want to say how much I’ve enjoyed all your pictures from Ireland. Your boys are getting so big, I can hardly believe it.

  8. says

    I ‘pinned’ this a while back and I’m sooo excited I just found it in my Pinterest file ‘Home Decor” because i want to stencil 1. a bathroom which I’ve try to do in a ‘turn of the century (20th) French style and 2..a piece of furniture I want to put in my dining room ’cause I want to change to a Shabby-Chic look. And also glad you gave us the name of a good stencil company. The craft stores don’t seem of sell a lot of stencils lately. Also – I ALWAYS put on too much paint. Luckily it’s always looked really nice…. but I’ll remember your advice!!


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