Spring decorating and butterflies

I don’t waste anytime to get right into the next season.

Some may say I rush things, while others are happy that I inspire them and give you ideas early on…right?

Just flatter me people!

If you follow me on facebook you saw my recent trip to hobby lobby.

It was Fantastic and filled with Spring decor.

I saw some pretty colored burlap that I just had to have.

Every since Shari one of my recent contributors shared her

Spring burlap bags

using stamps, I knew I had to try them.

burlap bag

Thanks Shari for inspiring me, and I am sure others as well.

Can you believe I never stamped before?

I mean never, not even a stencil stamp with paint.

Hmmmm…I thought, where have I been?

There are ton of stamps to choose from.


This pretty saying spoke to me.

So in the cart it went.

These stamps are not that cheap, but with a coupon you can get almost half off…and some were even on clearance.


of course I had to buy the ink pad as well.

The burlap was cheap.  $3.99 a yard off the roll.

I had this pretty picture frame for years now and I usually just switch the pictures out.

The glass on the frame is sort of glaring the quote in the picture.

I assure you it looks super cute in person.

Very colorful too!

Spring and burlap picture

I have already started to Springify around here.

This is about the time of year, I say, OK old Man winter…

see ya!

Spring vignette

You know I never know what I am going to do craft or project wise until my feet hit the ground.

My mind never stops.

Which I suppose, is a good thing:)

Spring vignette and frame

the Burlap flower also came from Hobby Lobby.

burlap flower

This here ye bird, I have had it forever. In fact, I think he has had a couple coats of spray paint on him.

Spring birds

This diy Spring art on burlap only took a few minutes of my time.

I love the instant gratification.

diy spring art work in 5 minutes

If your a burlap lover you may want to check out

my gallery of Burlap projects.


And while you are there you may as well check out Stenciling, Mod podge, and my diy pallet ideas.



  1. says

    So pretty! Oh yes I am ready for spring here too!We just had lots of snow two days ago.Today it is raining and all the snow is melting….yay :-)

  2. says

    Debbie, such a cute project. I haven’t been to Hobby Lobby for awhile. Looks like time again..I’ve never stamped either, I’m going to check it out..Happy Sunday..Judy

  3. says

    How cute is that Debbie, it turned out just darling and I would have never guessed you hadn’t stamped before. You are such a wiz at stenciling, stamping was just a must for you.

  4. says

    Love that little frame Debbie…and I’m ready to say so long to winter too. I’m afraid we have some cold weeks still ahead. I’m thinkin’ spring though. :)

  5. says

    I love the look of burlap but it’s such a mess to work with! I’ll have to try out the colored burlap some time. This framed, stamped burlap is so cute! I love your spring vignette!

  6. says

    I am SOOO ready for Spring! Today joe and I went to Longwood Gardens and some of the trees were budding out!!! YEAH!!! Love your new picture and flower! XO, Pinky

  7. says

    This is super cute, Debbie. I can believe you’ve never stamped if you can believe I’ve never owned a piece of burlap! It’s on my list, really! I’d like to tell Old Man Winter to hit the road over here, too, but I don’t think he’d be listening :) Thanks for sharing your pretty Springy project!


  8. says

    I am so glad to see someone decorating for Spring! My husband thinks I am crazy for wanting to decorate for Spring, but I love the fresh start of a new season around the house! Thanks for the inspiration on the cute frame and burlap!

  9. says

    Cute, cute! You know, I was going through a container of stamps I have the other day ~ wondering if I should keep them or give away. Perhaps I’ll try a project like this before making a decision. I used to use them all the time in making cards, tags, etc. Thanks for the reminder!


  10. says

    So cute!! I have never stamped either… Go figure!!

    I am celebrating my 3rd Blog Anniversary with a Giveaway that i think you will really like so I hope you will stop by to enter…
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!


  11. says

    So pretty, and no, I don’t think you’re rushing spring. Even being a lover of winter, I am ready for spring…can’t wait to get back in the gardens!
    Debbie :)


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