Martha Stewart Etched glass Spring Cloche

Martha Stewart Etched glass Spring Cloche 

Hey there everyone!

Today we are going to first play a little game of eye spy the bird.

I was pretty excited to try out this  Martha Stewart  etched glass craft.

Honestly, going into it, I thought, oh boy this is going to be difficult, and I am no master crafter/etcher here.

But you never know until you try, so I tore open the box.

Spring is in the air and what better way to kick it off with a pretty Spring cloche vignette.

Spring cloche

this was my base

a plate


a dollar tree seed packets and some faux robin eggs.

Fix em all pretty as you can see on the plate.

Martha Stewart etched glass

Don’t forget we are playing eye spy the bird….

Spring cloche

I did not even do a tutorial because for one I was not sure if it would turn out…

I am not the master craft I getter the first time around type.

But guess what?

Martha Stewart crafts

I got it right the first time.

Easy, just as the directions tell you, is all I did…I actually FOLLOWED them:)

Can you see the pretty little etched bird?

Martha Stewart etched glass

Well, I just can’t wait for Spring now.

I will probably put this pretty somewhere in our kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by today!~

P.S.  We leave for Ireland March 13th.  I think some of you thought I was leaving here shortly.

Of course, I know I sound neurotic with all that I said I need to do before hand.

Anyone else ever have the urgency to clean out drawers and closets before a vacation?

Plaid Spring project

How to etch on glass

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Martha’s liquid fill paints

If you are not  a regular here, I sure would love to see you back again.




  1. Vanessa says

    That is just so darling Debbie!! I’ve totally been wanting to try my hand at doing the etched glass but felt too nervous. You’ve given me courage my friend! :-)

  2. Debbie says

    I spied the bird pretty quickly! (Patting self on back). It looks wonderful, and you make me want to run out and find an etcher kit to try a little project myself. Unfortunately, if I drag out ONE MORE THING in this hot mess of a house right now, the house itself will simply explode in rebellion.

  3. Jessica @ Mom 4 Real says

    I’ve only done glass etching once, I need to pull that etching cream back out for sure.

    That quaint touch makes all the difference…so pretty!

  4. Dawn says

    You did a fabulous job. It turned out just darling. My niece made something similar, using MS etching, for here bridesmaids. Great idea:)

  5. Ann says

    I adore the little bird…this looks easy enough even I might be able to do it! So awesome that you are going to Ireland. Several years ago when my son was studying abroad in London we went there and also to Scotland. Truly the trip of a lifetime. So much for you to look forward to!

  6. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says

    Love it, how fun is this. The bottles are fabulous too. We are having a “Cloche” party on the 11th, be sure to link this up, way toooooooooooo cute and fun. Hugs, Marty

  7. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    That’s so pretty, Debbie! I love it on the bottles, too. This is the second craft project I’ve seen in just a couple of days, that I’ve never tried before, and may have to give it a whirl!

  8. Angelina says

    These are adorable Debbie. I have been wanting to try this but haven’t yet. So glad to see it in action :)

  9. Shannon @ Fox Hollow Cottage says

    Martha Stewart really makes the best craft products. I always love her stuff! This is darling Debbie!! The little bird is real sweet. And you’re nesting 😉 hehe. I did the same thing before Hawaii. I wanted to come home to a clean, organized place after being gone. And you guys have such a big trip planned!! You’ll feel more relaxed leaving your home knowing everything is in it’s place and be better able to enjoy your trip. At least, that’s what my deal was. LOL

  10. Jill Flory says

    That turned out darling Debbie – and I am so jealous that you are going to Ireland! No really, I’m happy for you – what fun!

  11. Jo says

    Gosh this so adorable,I have that same glass cloche,I think I’ll copy cat,:)
    And yes I always stress and clean up everything before vaca,I worry something will happen to me(you know like sick/hospital) an others come into my home,I sure don’t want them to find disaster.(folks round here are so awesome,they will come to your home and clean/wash clothes,etc…if ya laid up sick).But I think that’s a good thing,as Martha Steward would say.

    Debbie thanks for compliment on my copy-cat,it was fun and budget friendly.I do so appreciate you,I know how busy you are,I just want to tell you,I APPRECIATE YOU,and you are such a great blogger/host.

    And thanks for looking up my “namesake-NUGENT” in IRELAND,if ya have time.

  12. Bliss says

    It’s so nice to know someone else has to leave their house completely clean before vacation. Are we sick?

    We used to etch glass all the time in our 30’s, I think we should start again because I like the cloche, and really…. I LOVE the bottles!


  13. Raquel @ Organized Island says

    Wow Debbie! That looks beautiful! Did the etching kit come with patterns? That looks so pretty! Yes, I always have to clean the house when going out of town too. I totally get it!

  14. Peggy says

    Oh! I love this and must try this very soon – so perfect for Spring. And, yes, my house is always the most organized and clean prior to leaving for a vacation. I know you’re going to have a wonderful time, and it’s a great opportunity for your son. pr

  15. Leena Lanteigne says

    How cute! I have spring fever too and this little birdie is speaking to me! I recently bought a little cloche at Salvation Army and I have a b unch of eggs I bought on clearance last spring. I may have to get to sping my own little birdie! Love the etching on the bottles too – cuteness! Hugs, Leena

  16. Gina says

    It turned out great! What a sweet little bird!

    I am digging this paisley background.

    If spring is in the air down there, please send a little up here!

  17. Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus says

    My gosh that sweet bird is super great! WOW! How fun is that etching? And you had it look pretty gosh darn easy! I am totally going to try some of that!

  18. Daniela @frugal ain't cheap says

    I had to look at the pictures twice (or longer) before I spotted the bird…can you tell I am sleep deprived?

  19. Bj says

    I love it! We are expecting a winter blizzard tomorrow into Monday so Spring is on my mind :) Thanks for sharing yours with us! Hugs


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