Love is patient…Love is kind!

Yes, yes, yes indeed it is!

Love is Patient, Love is Kind!



 I am not  a patient person.

I am kind though, so hey, you can’t have everything!

This little project popped in my head at 11:00 p.m. the other evening.

So into the wee hours, it’s late, I can’t sing, I can’t make any noise.

I had this blank canvas in front of me.

Should I wait until the morning? I asked myself…

NOPE, that is what I am talking about, no patience.

I had this pretty shabby chic tissue paper from

back  the Primp your pumpkin party.

Do you remember I went shabbylicious on you?

and do you remember my cute Vintage sewing basket filled with goodies from my FIL?

I am making use out of it all.

Even these little coffee filter flowers are getting tacked all over.

It’s a good thing I don’t care for these candy hearts

they do nothing for my sweet tooth.

My youngest Jack likes them though.

In fact, I keep asking him NOT to eat the decorating props candy.

I think all my pink, purple and red chocolates are gone from my Valentine mantel.

Better him than me I suppose.

So here is the SHORT of the LONG story for you.

I had the blank canvas as I mentioned…

I had the pretty shabby chic tissue paper.

I cut the tissue paper to size the canvas, even to go over the sides, and as you can see I used two different sheet patterns.

Mod podged the tissue paper onto the blank canvas, let it dry, checked my emails, went on facebook…..

Wrapped some ribbon around it like a present

stenciled LOVE {that I did in the morning}

hot glued a coffee filter flower

embellished with some vintage jewels,

and I call this

diy one of a kind art work.

Now who to give it to….


Done in about an hour or so.

Thanks for stopping by today, have a fabulous weekend.

I will see you for the Newbie party tomorrow night.



  1. Martina says

    That looks so pretty Debbie!! You sound just like me, when i get something in my head I can’t wait it’s got to get done now!! I stayed up till 2am the other night finishing Mackenzie’s armoire, I made her sleep in her’s sister’s room. Can’t wait to see where you place it!

  2. Sonny says

    you’re getting mighty crafty there Ms Deb…. so many pretties.

    just to finish your poem::
    love is patient
    love is kind
    love is very often

    rofl rofl

  3. Cindy Eikenberg says

    Debbie, this is very pretty and romantic. Using the tissue paper was a great idea. I have a bunch of canvases and now you’ve definitely got me thinking….thanks for the great I spiral ion and enjoy the weekend!

  4. Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane says

    LOL…Debbie you are not impatient…I’ll venture to bet that your creative time comes late in the evening…and then maybe a little impatience can be factored in! I don’t know why buy I am most creative when it comes time to sleep…my mind races and God forbid I start something late in the evening…i simply must keep working until I feel like no headway will be made until a catch a few zzzz’s can be caught! Love your blank canvas…so romantic and clever…and as always perfectly executed!!!
    XO Barbara

  5. Lavender Dreams says

    I really love it and I have some of my best ideas when I am thinking late at night…instead of sleeping. I so want to get creative with some notebook covers. That’s what I’m trying to figure out next! I think on things…you get them done! heehee! Sweet hugs!

  6. Miss Kitty says

    Very pretty canvas! Thanks for sharing how you did it with us. I would be crafting right now (got up too early 3am) but I want to wait till I have some daylight to take good pictures for blog posts. Guess I’ll do something not as fun like clean up the house till the sun comes up.

  7. Bliss says

    I’m trying to remember if I’ve been inspired enough to start a project at that time of night. I know I’ve been working on one but just don’t think I’ve ever bolted out of a comfy spot close to midnight to start one.


  8. Shannon @ Fox Hollow Cottage says

    You are just getting craftier and craftier! LOL on Jack being a little candy swipper. I don’t like those chalky little conversation hearts either. I nave have. They taste like TUMS to me. Happy weekend ~ Shannon


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