Knock-off decor inspired ideas round up from the party!

Another, small, intimate and outstanding Knock off decor inspired copy cat party!

Boy that was a mouthful.

So true though.

Y’all never, ever disappoint.

Winter knock off decor round up best of

In fact you make it extremely difficult for me to pick some highlights.

Let’s see what I came up with.

Angie from the knick of time had a super cute

Vintage vignette and sign

she copied from

Country Living magazine

Marty from a stroll thru life did a great job on her copy

from a pinterest inspired image

cutting boards and bread boards.

Next, Susan from Ash tree cottage

copied a very

sweet Romantic table top

Tanya from twelvOeight had a fabulous

Chevron painted rug

she copied from One Kings lane

Then there were these

sweetheart  his/her pillows

that Sew Sweet Vintage made herself

Mary beth from Cupcakes and crinoline

made the cutest copy

coffee-dyed book page flowers

 Then I had a few first timers join me and

Jeanette from Homa Style

shared a copy from Country living, that was superb!


Jeanette actually made this

 Country cottage shelf…


Tami from curb alert actually copied another blogging friend

and she certainly outdid herself.

Both versions are just gorgeous!

Compass rose table top


You want to go see the original on this table.

And then you have those

over achiever types…

like Julie from Red head can decorate


created a door collage

and even made it light up and all that jazz!

Like….. really?

WOW, you gotta see it.

And another over achiever type of gal out here…

is Bliss…

yeah Bliss, she don’t even know what an over achiever she is!

She is all humble and that, but really, another one who blows me away.


you don’t have a

barber shop sign

in your house?

geez, you better get with the program.

oh and then Bliss had to get all show offey, and enter two challenges,

just because 

and make the


rustic spring candle holder


Whatevs, Bliss, I know you wanted to share with us all the

Hey girl party

you are having…

OH my what a fun fun fun party that is.

go check that out too while your over there.

Bliss knows I am totally teasing her in every way. I know she can take it, that is why I do it.  She actually has never missed a copy cat party of mine:)

Last feature from the party that caught my eye

was Sherry from the Charm of home


sweetest Sailors Valentine.

Sherry’s copies are so good, that you can’t even tell which is which sometimes…

I always know, because her photos are way prettier.

My next party will be in April sometime.   So get your ideas cookin!~

Thank you for joining me.

Feel free to grab a feature button from my side bar.

If you missed the party from the first time you may see the

40 + Knock off ideas here!




  1. says

    Great features! It must be hard for you to choose, I couldn’t even choose a favorite out of these…
    Hope you’re having a great weekend Debbie!

  2. says

    I’m so bummed I missed the party! I’m definitely going to try to make the next one. There’s a lot going on at my house but these parties help me keep my sanity LOL. The ladies out did themselves, these are some great copy cats.

  3. says

    I’ll tell ‘ya who needs to get with the program is anyone not linking up to the Copy Cat Challenge. It’s a great way to get a project done and you already know you are gonna like it because someone else made it first. Just don’t ever host a clean house challenge, or a get that laundry folded one, although maybe that would inspire me too!

    (Thank you -IheartU)

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