Fun, fresh Decorating ideas for Spring

Fun, fresh, decorating ideas for Spring.

I don’t know about you, but I never look at a can the same way any more.

You know, like open can, empty, recycle.

I think to myself, OH boy, what can I do with this can?

recycled cans

As I mentioned the other day.

Browsing on pinterest can be time consuming, but oh so rewarding as well.

diy button can

{all you}

mod podge on a can

I saw the cutest can, I just had to pin it.

You see I have upcycled and created some cute cans myself,

but never with buttons.

mod podge on a can and embellish with buttons

This is my Spring can btw.

recycled can decorated for spring

I think it will look cute with some flowers on a table scape

with my new burlap place settings

upcycled can with mod podge

Spring crafting with mod podge

I guess that is the simple story of  a simple Spring can.

If you like my cans…

you may want to see some more ways to upcycle and make them purty!

Upcycled can ideas


I used

Dollar tree Spring napkins

 mod podge, and trim,

 cute embellishments I also found at the Dollar tree.  I also had the buttons and hot clued them as well.

Est. time: 30 minutes.

Spring can



  1. Shelia says

    Button button, who’s got the button? I love this, Debbie Dear! :) Love all of these sweet ideas.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. says

    I lOVE buttons! I have jars of them. I will have to pull them out and do some cute jars for organizing this spring! thanks for the inspiration!

  3. says

    Debbie…this is so cute and looks like a really creative and fun project. I have everything so it would cost me nothing. Thanks so much!


  4. June G says

    I think its the Girl Scout in me but I do the same thing every time I open a can, especially a can of tuna. We used those far a little burner! Thanks for the inspiration..this would be a fun project to do with my 4yr old granddaughter when she comes to visit.

  5. says

    Debbie, I love the buttons! Am so ready for some Spring projects and I just brought home a ton of vintage buttons from my mother-in-law’s house and now you’ve given me a great idea for how to use them! :) Thanks and have a great Wednesday! Am pinning!

  6. says

    Love anything with buttons. Loving the can/vase with the buttons for spring. Definitely going to try this. I hope I don’t hot glue my fingers together.

  7. linda says

    well i just got a brain storm i need something to put makeup brushes in on my vanity i think i will start looking for pretty vintage buttons .To adorn my can thanks for the ideas

  8. says

    Well I have to admit, this tin can is speaking to me! The last time I made a tin can I was on second grade and was a gift to my dad’s for father’s day! I guess back then regular Elmer’s glue was the Mod Podge in fashion and we used magazine cut outs, he still has that can on his desk till today! Some cans are meant to be memorable I guess. Thanks for posting Debbie..this one is a keeper for sure!

  9. Debbie says

    30 minutes of Dollar Tree and Mod Podge therapy is EXACTLY what I need right now. I am just dying to do a fun little craft that makes me smile. Yours would fit the bill. I think it’s as cute as a button.

    Sorry. Had to say it.

  10. says

    You’ve got a cute can! (winky face). 😉 Oh Debbie this is so cute! I have to remember to save my cans! I love the button detail!! I am SO ready for Spring!


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