Valentine’s crafts and decor from the Dollar tree! {party announcement}

Hey, hey there everyone!

You know, Shannon and I had so much fun hosting the Dollar tree Christmas decor party, we decided, to make this a seasonal thing.

Next up!!~ 

Valentine’s day.

All things Valentine’s crafts and decor from the dollar tree

 Share a craft, gift idea,  tablescape

a party, whatever floats your heart.

Save the date, it’s coming up fast!~

JANUARY 17th through the 27th.

Here is a little something I did last year for Valentine’s day.

Mod podged on pillar candles from the Dollar tree.

I still have them packed away and can’t wait to dig them out this year.

They looked pretty on our Valentine’s Mantel

So again, mark your calendars and get ready to inspire and be inspired.

Shannon (fox Hollow cottage) and I look forward to it!~

OH and for my magazine copy challenge lovers….

Last year’s at this time copy cat was a lot of fun and inspiration

I will make a formal announcement for that as well…

but for NOW, mark your calendars for

January 28th.

Back to back parties here!



  1. says

    I’ve never decorated for Valentine’s Day before. This could be a lot of fun! I missed the Christmas party, busy time of year at my job, but being laid off right now will give me time to play around and get involved in these parties!
    Debbie :)

  2. says

    It’s official. You, Debbie Do, are a pusher. Since I’m a Dollar Tree junkie, I should probably stay away from here. Too bad I enjoy your ideas too much to do so.

    It sounds fun. I might actually get something done by the end of it.

  3. Sonny says

    glad you posted this today – when you see mine you’ll know why I said that:)

    working on my next copy cat too so I’ll be ready.. woohoooo

  4. says

    As soon as I get the Christmas bins outta my way, I’m gonna find a project in a magazine. I’m thinking something large in scale this time. Maybe for outside since I have no room inside. Hmmmm…. we’ll see.


  5. says

    Sounds like fun, I don’t have anything in mind right now but I will get on it I am still taking down Christmas stuff. It is a mess, I love it but it is a mess to take down.


  6. JaneEllen says

    So glad you’re getting us going on Valentines Day. This time of year is kinda – between holidays and whatever else is coming up what do you do? It’s a vacuum of what to do besides cleaning up the holiday decorations, ugh, love putting decorations up but putting them away, organizing them is the pits, what a mess, lol.
    I did buy some paper yesterday at Michaels and some fabric flowers, will have to see what I can come up with. Better get to Dollar Tree quick as everything I’d need will be gone right away. We have 2 $trees in Grand Junction but the good stuff goes in a heart beat. I always seem to be missing out if I don’t get to one in time.
    Happy 2013 Debbie. Looking forward to seeing what everybody comes up with.

  7. says

    This sounds like a fun party, and I think I have an idea to try, so will give it a go! I just decorated very simply after taking all the holiday decor down, and I’ll post it next week. Been enjoying the sunshine and getting out for long walks–quite a change from all the rain we’ve been having here. Thank you so much for your kind words over at my blog, and I enjoyed your posts last year, and always find inspiration here for creativity!

  8. says

    Those “carnations” are so very cute ,Debbie! Hey, I snatched up some of those Valentine glasses at the Dollar Tree too so you may be seeing them at your Valentine Party for Dollar Tree items. You are just hosting your heart out…and the Copy Cat Challenge probably the 28th? I gotta get crafting!


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