Lake living in Nebraska home tour

So happy to be here today
sharing some bits and pieces of our Lake Home!
Thank you, Debbie, for treating us to these tours.
It’s fun to get a glimpse of how friends decorate and live in their homes.

Welcome Deb from  Lake girl  Paints

When Mark and I became empty nesters
we moved to the Lake.
Living at the lake is mostly about the outdoors.
But when you live on a lake in Nebraska,
you better enjoy the inside too!
So this is the lake side view of our home.
(minus a few summer patio plants, red umbrella, tiki torches…)
Well, you get the idea.
It’s January
and this is our view today…
So, come inside
and I’ll show you the view from the inside out.
Now for the inside…
You can find paint details on The Starbucks Snowman Tray here
This is my kitchen.
Over by the fridge in the corner
we keep a drink station when we entertain.
Right now it looks like this.
I painted a digital art poster in photoshop
and switched out her summer hat
to winter warmers.
In the summer she looks like this.
We have stained concrete floors which I love.
It is so practical to sweep up sand from swimmers.
If you’ve visited my blog before
you have probably seen this corner many times.
I use it to photograph a lot of painted furniture.
You can also find details on the Photo Display Board
At the top of the stairs is my paint table.
The upstairs is open to the master bedroom in the back.
I have my old new Rocker in the corner.
Here is one of our bathrooms
Love my work area!
It was fun to show you some of our home spaces.
I especially like it when those spaces are filled with
chatting and laughter.
Thank you for coming on the tour!
Here’s to Happy Handmade Homes!
Love this tour!~ Different right?
Even though it’s cold there, it sure looks warm and cozy at Debs house.
Hop on over and say hello to her if you don’t know her already.
P.S.  Today I am house crashing Suzy from Worthington court.
She is kicking off a fun series called House snooping, and I am the first snoop.



  1. says

    Oh, that beautiful snowy view! So fun touring this beautiful home. Great floors and oh, I love the deer painting in the last picture. Always fun seeing her painted pieces.

  2. says

    Thank you for the home tour, love the open floor plan. Sure hope we see some of that “white” stuff! :)
    Hope you are doing GREAT missy…

  3. Rondell says

    Such a beautiful home, if my brother were to see this he’d want to move right , he hunts so I’m sure he’d love it. Anyway, I think her floors are so cool and her work space is great, oh, to have space like that!
    Great hometour Deb!

  4. says

    What a charming lake home. I love the drink posters @ the drink station….too cute!
    This has been a fun tour, Debbie. Thanks for including Deb’s adorable lake home in your home tour series!


  5. says

    Deb…you have a gorgeous home! I love the views, I bet they are spectacular year round. I never heard of concrete floors, they are awesome and such a practical idea. And I love your open floor plan. We have a lake home in Michigan. Stop by anytime! :)


  6. says

    Yes Lake Girl Paints! She is one of my inspirations when it’s time to put paint to canvas. And her home is just as pretty as the stuff she creates.


  7. says

    This has been so much fun! Thanks Debbie for allowing me to share my digs with all of these great online friends. Wish we could all sit out on a summer patio together!
    Thanks girls for all of your great comments,

  8. says

    I know this has got to be ton’s of fun living on a lake,thanks for this fantastic tour,I love all the “personality”.
    Going “home snooping” right now!!
    ~Jo @LoblollyLane

  9. says

    Deb, what a beautiful home and gorgeous views you have!…..It must be so nice to use the lake for all seasons…it is obvious that you are so very talented!…..Thanks Debbie for presenting Deb’s home today….so loved the tour!!

  10. says

    Beautiful home! I love the kitchen and the work space upstairs. I’m sure the warm weather views are just as gorgeous as the winter scene.

    My brother & s-i-l redid my mother’s home. They ripped out all the flooring and stained the concrete. Looks gorgeous! They also added concrete counter tops in the kitchen…absolutely gorgeous and you would never know.

    Thanks to both of you for sharing!

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