Getting my craft on, one can at a time! {Upcycled cans}

I decided in 2013 I am going to get myself a bit more in order around here.

In fact, I think I even need my very own crafting table?

Don’t you think?

To start the year off right…

I thought another upcycled cans craft would be good.

A little Dollar tree tissue paper…

and wait,

there’s more.

Believe it or not…

this here little box

inspired me for my glam can.

As per usual when my Father- in-law visits me, he always brings me/us a goodie  or two.

This happened to be something really neat.

An old vintage sewing basket.

Of course, you all know I do not sew.

But I love old things..and the best part is, this basket

was filled with old costume jewelry that was his Mom’s.

I could have some fun with this!

Glamming it up!

I love this vintage owl pin.

 a little burlap. and faux pearls too!

Not only glam the can,

but getting organized too!

And that’s my story!

A little mod podge

dollar tree tissue paper

and vintage bling and burlap!

I am all geared up for the Valentine Decor dollar tree party


are you?

Oh and if you think this can is cute…you ought to see all the other cute ways to glam a can

upcycled cans craft





  1. says

    Oh that’s so pretty! I love the owl pin & the fact that it was your husband’s grandmother’s pin makes it even better. You’re so good with mod podge & tissue…I tend to make a mess of it! lol

  2. says

    Just love this Debbie – great great idea!
    Now I’m going to have to add another obsession to my already overly long list- blogging is getting dangerous for me lol

  3. says

    Very cute, and the vintage jewels are to die for. I simply adore them. Great way to be able to admire the gems and also keep your things tidy:)

  4. says

    Very pretty, Debbie! What a nice father-in-law to think of you that way. The jewelry is a real bonus. I love how you used it to glam up the can. I’m always looking for some blingy costume pieces at our Goodwill, but they never seem to have any. Hopefully, once yard sale season starts, I’ll find some to keep on hand for projects.

  5. says

    What a great project! Love the inspiration!! The owl pin is too cute!!! You are one lucky lady when you father in law comes to visit. That sewing basket is so cool!!

  6. says

    Oh my gosh, Debbie! I love “glam the can”! What a sassy can indeed! So nice to have some of your Mom’s costume jewelry! Organized and a little bling… sounds like 2013 is off to a great start!

  7. says

    I don’t think my dollar tree has that cute tissure paper, but I am goint to go take a look. Great can re-do and wonderful gift of the sewing box. My daughter just got an identical one from her mother in law.

  8. says

    I always love your glam cans, but this is the best! I used to have one of those sewing cabinets and wish I still did. You’ll have lots of fun the the vintage jewelry too. You’ve inspired me to start saving some cans too. Great project Debbie. Peggy

  9. Elaine says

    Debbie – thanks for the organization inspiration! The vintage jewelry is sweet – i like how you mix up animal print w/sparkly finds w/a touch of burlap… Maybe i will stretch myself & go wild on a can project. Be blessed – e

  10. cyndi says

    Yes, but what will you do with the old sewing box? I have one i need to upcycle, and i am fresh out of ideas…..


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