Diy Valentine burlap banner with a splash of whimsy

Hey there!

Hope all is well!~ I am just a crafting fool these days.

Loving it too if I might add.

I had some burlap scraps left in red from a few years ago.

I do not throw out even my scraps, you never know.

Today, I am sharing a diy burlap Valentine banner with a splash of whimsy.


I double and triple layered the burlaps. I just free handed cutting out the hearts.

I am NOT that everything needs to be perfect crafter.

In fact, I like it a little wonky and different.

I used some of my vintage cook book pages and mod podged the burlap hearts on to it.


These little tooth picks came with my cupcake liners from the dollar tree.


I did not have bakers twine, however I had white and red knitting thread so I just twined that together to get me by.


Throwing around these pretty paper Valentine shreds is just an easy Valentine touch.

I found a bag at Walmart.


As you can see it adds just a touch of whimsy I was looking for.

And as you can see my stenciled rooster tea towel likes it too.


whimsical burlap banner

If you like burlap and want to see more of my diy burlap projects,

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well, I have a Stenciling gallery as well. Oh wait you say you LOVE mod podge the best…

well I have a Mod podge gallery as well.

Have a great day!

My husband is off this weekend, so YAY, I will see you later on tomorrow night when the Copy cat party starts.




  1. says

    Love it. You are the queen of whimsy!!!! I like that the rooster loves it too!!!!!! Looks so cute.
    I am actually headed out this morning to a cute shop called Whimsy!!!! So you post got me excited for a Whimsy kinda day!!!!! Have a great week end.

  2. says

    Very cute, Debbie On the one hand, I can’t stand all the clutter in my house; on the other hand, it’s becoming harder and harder to throw bits and pieces away- and your adorable banner is the perfect example of why I shouldn’t. I may need counseling. Or maybe just a professional organizer? 😛

  3. says

    This is just darling, Debbie! I have been wanting to make a banner and I love burlap…this is just the thing! You did a great job!


  4. Rondell says

    That is adorable Deb, I’ve seen the red burlap at JoAnn’s and loved it! I’m still trying to think of something for the copycat party, I have one idea just have to see if I can do it:) Have a great day with Hubby!

  5. says

    Awww, that is an adorable little banner Debbie! I love your little vignette:) I can never seem to motivate myself to decorate for Valentine’s Day but I always think about doing it. Enjoy the weekend with your hubby:)

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