Diy Spring burlap bags and a warm welcome!


Hello there!

Today I am introducing you to my second  Special contributor that I will have over here at Debbiedoo’s sharing once a month, her creativity, style and her home.

Please Welcome Shari from Turnstyle vogue!

I am thrilled to have her, and I know you too will enjoy Shari and get to know her as I have this past year through my newbie party.


Hello Everyone….

I’m back at Debbie’s today, but
instead of
giving you a home tour, I’m here as a new monthly contributor for
her wonderful blog. About this time each month in 2013, I will get
the pleasure of getting to share with all of you. It might be a DIY,
a furniture makeover, a discussion about design, a tip, or a story.
Who knows?! We’ll just roll with the punches and see what happens

For those of you who are meeting me
for the first time, I’ll give you a quick introduction.

I am a wife and mother who loves
beagles, college football, movie nights, road trips, home design and
the Pacific Northwest.

My family, at the Rose Bowl &
Disneyland, giving “The O” with Donald. Go Ducks!

I am a corporate legal
who is now a home design stylist wanna-be. In
addition to my blog, I have a retail space where I sell new home
décor, vintage pieces and my furniture. My #1 home design tip: Mix
old, new, and handmade with what you love most.

Favorite books? A Thousand Splendid
Suns by Khaled Husseini and Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. I also
love a good gritty legal suspense thriller.

Favorite music? I am a huge music
buff who will listen to anyone from Dean Martin to Nelly; Earth, Wind
& Fire to Blake Shelton, Foreigner to The Carpenters and The
Temptations to Glenn Miller (all within a 30 minute spin on the
elliptical machine.)

Favorite movies? Too many to name,
but two of my favorite are Grease and The Patriot.

Favorite television? College
football, The Amazing Race, Modern Family and now…Nashville.

Strongest personality traits?
Competitive, sarcastic and multi-tasker. Sometimes the three combined
can get me in trouble.

I’ll stop there, but if you are just
dying to know more, you can always
hop over
and check out some
pictures and more rambling. Winking smile

Since this is my first day here, and
I’ve spent most of the time introducing myself, I’m going to keep the
rest short and show you a spring project that is as simple as simple
gets – and makes a fun “just because” gift.

Burlap Bundles

Burlap Bundles For Spring By Turnstyle Vogue

You’ll need some burlap bags, stamps
and clothespins.

Burlap Bundles For Spring By Turnstyle Vogue (2)

Stamp three or four bags with the
stamps that you have chosen.

I did these for spring, but you can
obviously change it up for any season or holiday.

Burlap Bundles For Spring By Turnstyle Vogue (3)

Burlap Bundles For Spring By Turnstyle Vogue (4)

Be sure to add a message to one of the

Burlap Bundles For Spring By Turnstyle Vogue (5)

When you are done with the bags, stamp
a clothespin with a word that summarizes the theme of what you have

Burlap Bundles For Spring By Turnstyle Vogue (6)

Then use the clothespin to “bundle”
them together.

Burlap Bundles For Spring By Turnstyle Vogue (7)

Here, I’ve done “numbers” , “words” ,
“grow” and “spring.”

You can give them as is, or fill them
with a small gift, candy, or ???

Change them up for Valentine’s Day.
Use them for Easter, birthdays, thank you’s, or get well’s.

(Kind of like a Hallmark Card but
without the Hallmark and without the card.)

Wouldn’t it be fun to slip some seed
packets in them and leave them on somebody’s door step for May Day?
(When I was young, I used to leave flowers that I picked on door steps
of our neighbors, ring the doorbell and run. Did any of you do

Burlap Bundles For Spring By Turnstyle Vogue (tag)

Just something to brighten somebody’s

No other reason than that.

I’ll be back here next month, but in
the meantime, I’d love to have you come over and visit me at
. Generally, I post
Monday through Saturday (with a day off now and then) and enjoy
meeting new people and talkin’ shop (so shoot me an email too!)

Be inspired,

Take care,


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  1. says

    OH my goodness…stop with the cuteness already! I am so excited, because I have all of the stuff to make my own! Thank you so much for such a great tutorial, and I’m so happy to see you here…you girls are going to rock it!

  2. says

    These are adorable! I need to dig out the stamps! Where can I find some burlap mini bags? I have plenty of giant coffee sacks, but they aren’t nearly as cute! Welcome to Debbiedoos! Looking forward to each and every post!

  3. says

    So nice to meet you! I’ll be hopping to check out your blog next.

    The bags are adorable, and my head was racing with ideas of how to use them. And yes, I DID do the May Day flowers. I still do sometimes, in fact.

  4. says

    So…. OK. I have clicked link after link, and although I’ve seen a marvelous home tour of pinning proportions, I can’t find a blog. I’m obviously very blonde today and thought you had one. Coffee. Need Coffee.


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