Decorating with Nature and a dollar cont….

Decorating with nature, sticks, spray paint, and Dollar tree decor!

Happy over the hump day to you!

You may recall my decorating on a budget, and with nature centerpiece over the Holidays.

Instead of taking the sticks out and throwing them away

I thought, hmmmm…

how about  simply adding some  Dollar treeValentines






Some are hot glued, or with a simple mini clothes pin.

Sticks are spray painted a variety of colors…red, blues, green and some kept natural.

The paper heart doilies also came from the Dollar tree

and I mod podged



book pages.

That’s it for today.

I think I am taking a crafting/blogging break for the day.

I have been like a machine with all these crafts…

Just look at the past week and you will find at least five new Valentine crafts on the cheap for you to do too.

You can follow me anywhere, any time!~



  1. says

    Cute centerpiece Debbie. Happy hump day.

    I am still on my blogathon. I don’t know how many more I will do in consecutive order. I was never meant to be a daily blogger.LOL Having fun though.

  2. says

    How fun, and I love easy! I don’t really decorate for Valentine’s Day, but blogging kind of changes things, doesn’t it?! Hubby & I have both been sick this week, and now my car is dead, so I probably won’t quite make it to your party. Oh, well, at least I can enjoy the inspiration!

  3. says

    I think the sticks are a great idea! It’s wayyyy too cold here to spray paint ~ looking forward to the days when I can. :) Thanks for sharing!


  4. says

    I think the sticks are a great idea! It’s wayyyy too cold here to spray paint ~ looking forward to the days when I can. :) Thanks for sharing!


  5. says

    Cute as can be.
    I know if you are like me and don’t have a low temp glue gun your fingers are burnt.
    I think I might have almost cussed a few times,teeehehehehe.
    ~Jo @LoblollyLane

  6. says

    Hi Debbie … Cute … love how you used the branches … this looks very pretty and so easy to. I have been to Dollar Store two times to try to get inspired, but just away empty handed. You always come up with the most interesting decorations.
    Audrey Z.

  7. says

    What a fun makeover! This project just might have as many lives as your door wreath…I hope. I’ve missed so much on your blog I’ve got to catch up on all your fun Valentines Day crafts. You deserve a little break girl, but just a little one ok?



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