Outdoor garden patio and diy projects

Hi there everyone!

Today I am sharing our outdoor garden patio and some diy projects.

Outdoor patio makeoever

This is our favorite space to entertain.

For one, it’s because Mike and I from start to finish, designed it, built it and share the enjoyment from it just the same.

My only wish is that it were not so cold here in the winter.

You would be surprised though, there are days we can get a good day and enjoy it as well.

So let me take you on a little before the days of the outdoor area.

This was the before.  Although, lovely, and rustic, it probably was not that safe now that I look at it.

Then one horrible day in the Spring,

a very scary storm hit our area.

Tree’s and limbs went down everywhere.

Our yard cleared out fast with at least 6-7 trees gone.

It was sad.

But with this devastation, it opened up our yard to new possibilities and to create something of a dream in which we now enjoy.

First we started with getting a stamped concrete patio

This was the only phase of the outdoor project we could not do ourselves.

Although, Mike probably could have, considering,

we did build an outdoor pizza oven after this whole ordeal.

You may see the step by step by clicking on the highlighted links to both the stamped concrete and the diy Pizza oven

Even in the midst of summer,

we enjoy gatherings and perhaps even a fire cooking in the outdoor fireplace.

I forgot to mention…

the Pizza’s we make…

are to die for.

This dessert pizza was a new one we tried and it was delish.

My husband made this outdoor rustic bench for me after I saw it in a gorgeous neighborhood that looked like a park.

I said to him, you can make a bench too.

And so he did.

We even have things of sentiment that were passed along to us as well.

I adore my vintage birdcage.

The Patina on it is fabulous.

The Fall season is probably the prettiest setting and feeling out here.

The colors are just gorgeous, and so bountiful you could sit out here and stare for hours.

Of course a little whimsy would have to be out here.

upcycled/free garden gate

{that’s all me btw} Mike not so much into whimsy.

although, he does like this.

this past summer we finally got around to landscaping and think we made a good choice with the cypress trees.

So far so good anyhow.

And just look at all these gorgeous colors!~

Even with all the work, leaves and clean up I have this time of year…

I would still say, this is our favorite spot and enjoy it every chance we can.

The outdoor furniture, picnic table and Adirondack chairs all came in a natural wood.

Mike and I chose the colors and he stained them versus painting.

They are holding up fantastic.

Whew, this post was longer than I thought.

I told ya I love out here.

Thanks for stopping over today. I sure wish it looked this pretty out here now!

I guess I should think about raking all those leaves out there today.




  1. says

    It’s beautiful, Debbie. No question why it’s your favorite.

    Can I just add that I’m giggling over your wish that it wasn’t so cold there in the winter? LOL

  2. says

    Debbie, this would be a favorite “room” of mine, as well! What a wonderful retreat! You have created a beautiful space to relax in and enjoy nature!

  3. says

    It’s no wonder this is your favorite “room” Debbie! I have loved being along for the ride as it has gone through it’s metamorphosis and it is truly such a fantastic space. You guys did an amazing job! :-)

  4. says

    I enjoy touring any part of your home Debbie but especially this outdoor space! It looks so welcoming and relaxing. The pizza oven gets me every time! What a dream come true!!!

  5. says

    I love your outdoor space, Debbie! I reminds me of a walk in the woods. The fireplace/oven is just amazing! It must feel so good to know that you and Mike did almost all of the work! Great job!


  6. JackieToo says

    This is absolutely gorgeous! And I can almost smell the pizza from here. 😀 The bench and the gate are my favorites…maybe because they’re doable for me in the space I have. I don’t suppose you guys make house calls? 😉

  7. says

    It looks like you live in a mountainous region with the beautiful tall trees everywhere. If I had a back yard setting like that, I would sit out there often too. It’s so beautiful.

  8. says

    I could hang out outside all day if the weather is nice. I love your area. One of these days I just might show up at your door and order an outdoor pizza. 😉


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