Home tour in Tennesee…. Lots of diy projects!

Before we start off our house tour I want to take

a second to introduce myself.

I’m Jacque and I am one half of the team. The

other half (debatable better half) is my husband Matt. We DIY and blog over at



Not long after we started blogging I stumbled
upon Debbie’s Newbie Party and quickly linked up our Mason
Jar Pendant lights

It was one of our first posts and I was beyond shocked
when I went back to Debbiedoo’s and saw our lights featured!!! I wanted to die.
I have been hooked every since.

We have graduated from the Newbie party but I still love checking out the Newbie
links and posting our own under the graduates! So the fact that Debbie asked me
to show you all our home, well lets just say there were squeals involved …
lots of squeals and then a moment of panic. But that’s a whole other story!

Now that I have our introductions out of the way
it time for what you have been waiting for our house tour!

House Tour

We bought this house in the Spring of 2011.
It’s your traditional standard issue suburban home in East Tennessee.
(promise to have a better picture of the house next spring!)
As you can see from the picture our neighbors are a mere stones throw away, but
thats okay because it’s what is on the inside that counts.

We will start the tour off with the first room we
completed (and my personal favorite) the Craft Room …

 House Tour by: theDIYvillage.com

My craft room was a year long labor of love.

House Tour

Right after we moved in we painted the walls
orange and quickly started hand painting the trellis wall treatment.

House Tour

We worked really hard on the wall for a few weeks
and then I got distracted by a “bigger, better” project (or possibly a shiny
object there really is no telling with me). And the wall just sat there.

House Tour

Until in a moment of weakness I gave in and
finished the wall, I think it turned out pretty well!

House Tour

Matt re-finished an old Naval Secretaries desk in
turquoise that pops perfectly off of the orange walls.

Just outside my craft room is a long hallway that
is open to our front foyer.

House Tour

I have grand plans for this area of the house,
just have to convince the other half that they are worthy!

House Tour

On the far end of our hallway is my nook, what a
fun little space!

House Tour

The foyer is two and a half stories high and the
perfect place for me to use part of my grandfathers window washing ladder!

House Tour

Moving on we will head downstairs to the main
level. And visit Matt’s office.

House Tour

From the Boston Red Sox Fenway Park art and
memorabilia to the WWII Band of Brothers inspired art this room is ALL Matt!
(and apparently sleeping dog … )

House Tour

Matt is a huge Red Sox fan, so much so that not
only is the color of this room “CLAM CHOWDER” (fitting huh?) but he named our
dalmatian Fenway! Go figure … next dog is Wrigley since I’m a huge Cubs

House Tour

Just outside the office is our family room.

House Tour

Matt has let me run wild in this room, it’s all
me in here from the trellis pillows to the box pleated slip covers!

House Tour

The back side of the house is an open floor plan
and rooms just flow right into each other.

House Tour

Just behind our couch is our kitchen. Separated
only by an island and narrow wall.

House Tour

From the couch you get a great view into the
kitchen including our famous (well to us anyway) Ball Jar Pendant

House Tour

House Tour

We replaced the previous owners light fixture
with a light kit and lamp shade easy easy easy!

House Tour

Our Kitchen is a work in progress.
Matt installed a beautiful split-faced tile and raised the microwave.
But we (I) still have bigger plans that includes painting our builder grade
Good Times!

Last but certainly not least on our home tour is
my laundry room! I needed storage and wanted it to look pretty.

House Tour

It was a fun weekend project.
There may have been some bribery to get Matt to go along with this one.
But in the end I know he loves the way it turned out.

House Tour

He even hung another section of my grandfathers
ladder in the laundry room to serve as a drying rack to hang clothes!

House Tour

There is even a little spot in the Laundry room
for the dogs, gotta share the love!

To see more information on projects you have seen
in our house tour please feel free to come over and check out our

Project Gallery

we would love to have you!

Thank you so much for joining me
on our home tour!
And thank you again Debbie for allowing me to share my home with your readers!
This was so much fun I am honored that you asked us to be part of this

Thank you Jacque and Matt for having us over today!

The two of your are quite the team together and you both show such pride and passion in your home.

Stop on over and tell them hello:)

The DIY village



  1. says

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, Jacque and Matt! I love all of the little details…the mason jar lights, the really tall ladder in the foyer, the beautiful curtains in the living room, and the weather vane…I need you to take me shopping!

  2. says

    What a lovely home, the laundry room is my favorite!

    Debbie, thank you so much for stopping by my blog:) Someone else mentioned people in blogworld making angel wings, do you know if anyone’s done a tutorial on it? I’d love to make some!

  3. says

    Welcome to blogging!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that old ladder being used as a drying rack in your laundry room. Been wanting to address that issue in my house and just might have to steal that idea! Hop over and check my blog out. I’m trying to build my readers.

  4. says

    Another wonderful home tour and great fun blogger.
    Love the orange and turquoise colors in the craft room,shucks I love it all.

    ~Jo @ LoblollyLane

  5. says

    What a beautiful home and I love the colour choices! That orange is so happy and the family room looks beautiful! What colour is that in your hallway Jacque? Thanks for the tour Debbie – what a wonderful feature!


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