Diy Christmas wreath {Crafting with Debbiedoo’s 101}

Today I am going to share with you a Diy Christmas wreath,

on a budget, and something you can do with friends for a fun girls night out together.

First start with a plain green wreath…

found this at Walmart for 2.50.

I had most the embellishments, ribbon, burlap and some pretty material.

Oh and a music book.

Next, be sure everyone has a glass of wine:}

or beverage of choice of course.

We each cut the sheet music, material and burlap

just in squares for most.

Some were cut in strips for example the sheet music.

This is my friend Leanne….she is the artsy fartsy yogi one!


We just had fun being creative…

in fact Leanne said this was the first time in her life she had ever made a wreath.

Laurian, who is the piano teacher…made a pretty one for her Man…who is a guitar teacher.

All very personalized.

And then there is Jenny de lips wreath.  She claims to be a non-crafty gal.

I think she did pretty good.  She did however, receive a tad bit of help..those bows are tricky I must say.

And here is my Diy Christmas Kitchen wreath, which I absolutely ADORE…

my favorite ever.

Simply tied pieces of burlap and twine

I admit, I did not make the burlap bow.

I have been playing around with the settings on my camera and trying to use more manual mode. I have a lot of practicing to do for sure.

Wishing you all a very lovely happy and festive Holiday season.

See you again real soon.

I am trying to squeeze in all my Holiday decor before Christmas is over.

P.S. This Holiday wreath was made for under $5.00!

You sure can’t beat that.

As you can see, I love burlap projects

You may check out my gallery for a few more that I have done, well it’s more than a few, but you can see for yourself.




  1. says

    How fun are these wreaths? They all look so great and what a great idea to have a wreath making party! I’m stealing that and trying it out on some friends!

  2. says

    Y’all sure had fun. Love everyone’s wreaths. Yours is so cute. I think it is your best one, too. I have lots of posts to squeeze in too. I think I have 10 in draft and less than a week to post with the party stuff on Tues. and Wed.
    Have a good one.

  3. says

    Hi Debbie,
    I think your wreath is so so cute too!!!!!! I love the idea of the wreath making party with girlfriends and wine. Wooo Hoooo what a fun idea and I bet a fun evening. Being wth bff’s and being creative. Thanks for sharing this love this idea!!

  4. says

    I think that your wreaths are just so cute. However, even cuter are you and your girlfriends. Aren’t friends just one of the best parts of life? BTW, I LOVE your new profile picture. You look beautiful! xo Diana

  5. says

    Debbie, I just love those wreaths! Especially the one with the wooden spoons. How fun to get together with girlfriends and do a craft. Might have to steal that idea!

    Off topic, but I have a hard time getting your blog to load. Has anyone else said anything to you? If not, it is probably just my computer.

    Have a great day!

  6. Kris says

    Wow Debbie, those turned out SO cute!!!! What a great idea, and a fun thing to do with girlfriends!!!!!
    Love this!!!
    xo Kris

  7. says

    Hi Debbie,
    Your wreath is lovely, what a great idea!! I love inexpensive projects that look like a million bucks, well done! All the wreaths turned out so cute. Glad y’all had a fun evening together. Happy Holidays! XO ~Liz

  8. says

    Love it! What a great idea and any excuse to use burlap is up my alley! Makes me wish my real live friends were crafters so we could give it a try….maybe I could hunt some down at one of the craft stores! Thanks for sharing this inpsiration!


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