Christmas wreaths, trees and Toppers

It’s the Holiday season!

Christmas wreaths, trees, and toppers.

We see it all. Some very unique ones I might add!

I am getting so many inspiring ideas out here lately.

Really who needs to even pick up a magazine anymore?:)

Unless you are joining my Magazine copy cat challenge which is coming up

December 10th.

I am super excited about this party.

THERE WILL BE NO NEWBIE party that day.

In lieu of it, will be the magazine copy cat challenge.

Now onto last weeks features.

How cute is this spool tree?

by Giraffe Legs

Christmas Tree Decorations

Cutest tree topper by Houseontheway

Mr. C with Style shares some really pretty Christmas decor and her tree is super stylin.

The headmistress shares her wreath with memories.

Life on Lakeshore shares yet another burlap beauty.


Bet you have never seen a a tree like this before.

You would NOT believe what Thrifty rebel made this out of either.


How cute is this Cookie cutter wreath?

Great tut on this as well by Serendipity refined

Nothing like a good ole fashioned Christmas tree packed full of family ornaments.

by Priscillas

Christmas Tree 2011

Shari from Turnstle vogue, as always shares the prettiest of decor…her tree would be no less

Rest assured this may be the only

ELF wreath you see this season

The crowned Casa outdid herself on this one.

joy2 journey shares a really pretty 30 minute wreath and tutorial.

I love these ornaments

Bliss  from Bliss ranch went with a non traditional door hanging.

Don’t you just love her very own vintage ice skates.

I loved Sherry from Decorating with cents mesh colors she choice on her tree.

very pretty

How pretty are these trees?

You really want to head on over to somewhatquirky to see how she did these.

In fact,take a minute to stop by all the features if you can, say hi, and make a new blogging friend today.

I appreciate your time, dedication and your friendships.

I plan on shouting and sharing on Facebook, and then doing a big feature post each week.


I also pin a few while I am at it…so follow me along there if you wish.



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  1. says

    Thank you so much for another feature!! I am so thrilled. Amazing inspirational features. No more wreaths this week. LOL I officially have graduated from a Newbie! Thank you so much for your awesome support and party each week for newbies. You rock!! Have a wonderful week.


  2. says

    I’m so glad you liked my Christmas tree Debbie. Thank you for the sweet compliment. Our kids begged for a tall tree this year and I was overruled – they got themselves a 16 footer. Now I have the challenge of decorating it and coming up with decorations to fill it up. So….I’m switching it up a bit and hope to post about it by the end of the week. How are you coming along? I’m still working on my copycat challenge. Those are always so fun. Thanks for the opportunity to share :)

  3. says

    Debbie, thank you for featuring my spool tree. I’m so flattered! I am ready to your copy cat challenge! I think I’ve got a good one!! Have a great week Deb!

  4. says

    I linked up but it didn’t show up on your party. It just said to let you know … so that is what I am doing :) Thank you for the shout out on my wreath too! Hugs

  5. says

    Happy Monday Miss Debbie! That Mr. C with Style wreath is the coolest wreath I have seen in a long time. Wow, I have never seen so many original ideas! Hope your Monday is a good one. -K

  6. says

    My gosh, Debbie. So many great new ideas. Lots of ah-ha moments, Why didn’t I think of that? Hope I have time to visit everyone of them..Thanks for bringing them to our attention..Happy Monday..Judy

  7. says

    ‘Tis the season indeed…and I love all these fun, holiday crafting ideas!!! Fun layout for the holiday too, Debbie! Hope you had a Wonderful Weekend!!! :)


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