Christmas mantel 2012


Today, I am sharing our Christmas Mantel 2012 edition.

As the saying goes, you come a long way baby.

I say that with a true sense of humor.

I do firmly believe that blogging has helped me create a better looking mantel through the years.

I warn you now…my color scheme this year is not traditional.

It’s interesting if nothing else.

This was Last year’s (2011 Christmas mantel)

It was simple, with Dollar tree Snow flakes and again, vintage and nature decor.

Now onto this years.

There is however, some vintage, splashed with whimsy.

These Christmas cards were sent by dear Linda from Coastal Charm.

I had the hardest time finding vintage cards last year.

She sent me a gorgeous variety last year and I saved them to use this year.

Thank you Linda.

I never use my rustic chicken feeder..for chicken food.

well, why would I?

I don’t have live chickens.

The whole color scheme started with these

purple vintage bottles.

I LOVED them, had to have them

they were a little pricey ranging from $5.00 and up.

I went with all the lower prices, and splurged the $10.00 for the large one.

( I cut some of Alex’s music sheet music and used it on the balls)

The story I got on these is that, the purple oxidation is a natural process over the years.

They start off clear, and over time, they oxidize to this purple color.

Not sure if I believe that???

but I love them regardless.

So here you can see the color combos…





ODD…I know.

But very pretty on the eye.

Of course my vintage ice skates were thrown in the mix this year.

Old black urns recently came from an antique shop for $11.00 each.

I finally found the right something to balance the clock...

that my husband loves, and I don’t!

I added some Christmas window clings to the marble of the fireplace.

The large blue snowflakes came from the Dollar tree.

For more inspiring NOW over 70 + ideas from the Dollar can check out our

Party. The Dollar tree all things Christmas party is open until December 7th.

WOULD love to have you join in and inspire others as well.

And here you can see how my Happy accident of a Christmas wreath all happened too.

I am super busy with company again, and feel so behind with everything.

We are having a blast though,and making more fun memories along the way.

WAIT til you see some of the vintage goodies my FIL brought this year.

WOWZA, fun, fun, fun stuff.

I asked him if he could build me a basement.

I got no answer on that one:(


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  1. says

    Very pretty, Debbie! I love my mantel clock {like your hubby}, but I love clocks anyway. I decorated around mine, too, and I have less depth to work with. I always feel like it’s a parade on my mantel so I have to make sure I vary heights. Love the snowflakes and I love them on last year’s mantel, too.

  2. says

    Love the 2012 look Debbie, purple is my favorite color. I have never heard the story about the bottles turning colors, would be nice to know if it’s true. I love all thing vintage so I swooned when I seen your vintage cards. They are beauties:)

  3. says

    Hello Debbie,
    Glad to see that you are enjoying the cards…it’s always fun to help a friend out:) Love what you have done this year and it sounds like I need to check out your Dollar Tree party. Enjoy your company and i am looking forward to seeing what your FIL gave you.


  4. says

    I love it Debbie. It brings such happy color into your Christmas decorations. I like how it looks with the beautiful hanging above the mantel. Well done!


  5. says

    Very pretty Debbie … love the mercury glass beaded garland. If not vintage … sure looks it. Anyway, the mix is very pleasing. Love the ‘sun-purpled’ bottles and with the Christmas balls on top, look so cute. Yes, certain vintage glass that has been exposed to the sun for a long time will turn a light purple. Some can also be turned purple by an artificial process. More information on Google if interested in why they turn purple. You have inspired me to get busy on my mantel with seeing so many new colors and original ideas being used. LOVE it.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  6. says

    Oh Debbie! You know I love that purple!!! It’s a great color for Christmas! Everything looks beautiful. I’m slowly working on my decorating and of course, a lot will be done in purple!

  7. says

    Love it, Debbie, and it’s so you going with an “off-beat” color scheme! I adore those vintage cards simply hung with clothespins. I think the story about the bottles and oxidation is probably true, but I kind of think they have to be exposed to a lot of sunshine for that to happen. We visited an old museum way out in the desert one time where the people had surrounded the building with a yard-full of glass bottles of all sizes and shapes. They had been sitting out there, exposed to the intense AZ sun and were just about every color you could imagine. Pretty interesting.

  8. says

    It’s beautiful, Debbie. I love how you photographed it in different light.

    I did two mantels today. That is a total of three. We finally put a shelf on the back porch fireplace this morning. Not as many trees this year, but having fun with the mantels.:-)

  9. says

    I love the snowflakes…what a great idea! And, HOLY SMACKS, the VINTAGE PURPLE BOTTLES!!!! I’m go glad that you got them…I’d build an entire ROOM around them! Your mantle is lovely and your room is amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! xo

  10. says

    Just wanted to tell you that I have tried to pin things from your blogs a few times recently, including today, and they won’t pin. Really like your seredipitous wreath.

  11. Tardevil says

    I like it! Different is good! I got the same story when I bought some purple vintage bottles. My fil is deceased, but if you care to share your’s, I love vintage things! (Ha!) But, I need a basement soon, too, or I’m going to be featured on ‘Hoarders’! He probably won’t adopt me, though, because I don’t know how to cook indian food! Enjoy your visit!!

  12. Sue says

    Who says things have to be traditional? One of my trees is green and purple and I love it. I like your choice, as well. Great job, Deb! :-)

  13. says

    I love it! There’s nothing like color ~ and a variety is good. :) My daughter has many of the same….fuchsia, purple, turquoise, apple green, reds & other greens, blue ~ you name it. Looks so happy & festive I think.


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