80+ Holiday knock off decor ideas!


Here you will find 80+ Holiday knock off decor ideas!

80+ Holiday knock off decor ideas

I am going to call this today a HOLIDAY extravaganza…because it is going to be FABULOUS,

with all your creative ideas, you will be sure to inspire someone, if not MANY:)

This party is really Better known as the  Copy cat challenge.

You may check out my Copy cat gallery under my header to see past parties.

This is where you find inspiration from Magazines,

pinterest, online,

or perhaps even another blogger that inspires you.

You source out your project

and then copy it with your own personal spin on it.


This was my most recent copy cat

Pine cone place setting table top decor

 My inspiration came from both Woman’s day magazine 



Goodhousekeeping mag


 Last year’s Holiday Knock off decor party

I was inspired by

{country living on line inspiration}

and did a copy of a

pretty window /sink Holiday display 

Holiday window decor

 So without further ado…

Let’s see what you come up with this year!

All I ask is that you leave my link or copy cat button in your post letting others know you have joined in.

I plan of doing features, and A LOT of pinning from the party.

I would love to get it out there…EVEN more to inspire all of whom  that we can.

Let’s get started shall we?

The ideas and inspiration are pouring in fast.  

See below your 80+ Holiday knock off ideas.  So cool!

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Dollar tree archives

dollar tree gallery of ideas

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If you are not a regular I sure would love to see you back again.




  1. says

    Hi Debbie, tickled to be here today and I appreciate you hosting this fun party. I copycatted a wreath I saw in an old issue of Jeanne d’Arc Living magazine. Hope everyone enjoys it. Merry Christmas xoxo

  2. Gloria Lawrence says

    Hey sweet Debbie, don’t fall over in a dead faint now but it is me!! ha ha!! Girl I use to get your blog email and now I don’t..Hope all is GREAT with hubs and your boys..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  3. says

    Thanks so much for hosting a Holiday Copy Cat Challenge! I love how you decorated your kitchen window using inspiration from a variety of sources. I scooped up some of those snowflakes too…need to get finished decorating and get them up!

  4. MariaElena says

    Could not participate this year, but I am sure enjoying visiting all the great entries! So many beautiful copycats out there and very creative!!! Great party, Debbie!

  5. says

    2nd attempt to comment…I’m having terrrible time with this ole computer.boo

    I wanted to join in the fun,I’ve tried to post for two days.Sorry I’m running late.

  6. says

    My first ever knock-off party! I actually read the title wrong and didn’t realize it was holiday decor (newbie mistake) so I now have something for your next knock-off party. I did quickly make something else though as I was too excited to miss out. Love this challenge, thank you for hosting!


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