Spray paint nature it was a happy accident!

Hi there!

This was a happy accident I am sharing with you today.

If you are looking for Budget friendly, diy Holiday decor this season.

You came to the right place!


I spray painted nature…

or I should say, I was spray painting in nature.

You see I decided one day to Spray paint my wreath.

Last year’s Christmas wreath was sprayed in a pretty green.

I am so embarrassed to even say again..

but hey, I love to embarrass myself, so I will

say AGAIN. This wreath will NEVER die!

I decided not to use a drop cloth and just spray in the woods on top of the leaves.

As I was spraying, I noticed how pretty the leaves started to look.

Well, well….

I certainly can use these pretty leaves somewhere.

I certainly have more pine cones too that I know what to do with.

They sure are perfect though for Holiday decorating.

and it cost me nadda!

And there she be in her new color.

Krylon Metallic

I can’t wait to show you our mantel this year.

TOTALLY different than any other I have done.

I am really loving it!

that’s all for today!

Little did I know when I did this wreath, that there is a wreath right now

at Z-gallerie  at $59.99 with gorgeous metallic magnolia leaves.

With magnolia leaf wreaths in vogue, we’ve added a new twist to the traditional with our Silver Magnolia Wreath. Large flexible magnolia leaves create this beautiful wreath and are simply sprayed metallic Silver to give it a stylish brightness. Add your own ornaments, ribbon, or other special touches if you wish. Measures 28 inches diameter.

I could have kept going with all the leaves I have in our yard.

This would be a perfect twist for my upcoming Holiday knock off party

on December 10th.

If you are new here,you may check out my past

Knock off parties

and of course last year’s Knock off Holiday party with over

140 inspiring ideas.

 Hope to see you there!

You know I love me some spray paint, and have done so many color changes… and

spray paint projects

feel free to check out and perhaps pick a color!

And while your at it, you may want to stop at our

Dollar tree Christmas party,

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decor ideas.

or perhaps you just want to look in your own back yard and grab some sticks!

Decorating with nature this holiday season can look fabulous!

I am all about Decorating on a budget!

and if you stick around long enough

You can browse my DIY project gallery

and I am pretty sure you will come up with something for a gift idea, or to create and make for your very own.

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  1. says

    You have just confirmed my thoughts exactly. I spray painted a picture frame on top of branches and leaves, and when I saw the leaves turn gold, I thought, “hey, that doesn’t look so bad”.
    I did comtemplate picking them up but thought, that was a crazy idea. But hey I’m going behind the garage again……lol
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    It’s another beauty! Love it, love it, love it!

    And for all you wonderful folks who love Debbiedoos and her creations as I do, I just want you to know what a wonderful person she is too. I don’t have a Hobby Lobby store near me, and dear Debbie was kind enough to purchase and send me that “special recipe” stencil piece that I asked her about. Now isn’t that so special for her to do for me?? I’m thrilled and am so excited to do my stencil stocking tomorrow.

    Thanks again Debbie; you are the very best!!


  3. says

    I spray magnolia leaves, but I had never thought to do the fallen leaves. There is no way I’m going through the season without trying this. I’m pinning it too, because I can imagine it on a Thanksgiving table, too.

  4. says

    I have done that before…spray painted in nature and thought, “hey, that twig, or leave, or whatever looks good”. Your leaves turned out awesome and I like the metallic color.

  5. says

    Hi Debbie!
    I love your new leaves…and your never die wreath!
    A very long time ago I was reading a Traditional Home magazine and there were gold leaves hanging around a mirror….I was in love. However, these were the real deal. I went out to the yard where the oak tree was still shedding….and picked up a handful of leaves and gilded them with my can of gold spray paint. I have moved 5 times since and I still have these in their little box….using them in my Christmas decor somewhere most every year. And amazingly with care they’ve held up more than 15 years. Cool huh?!!!

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing those amazing leaves with us! They look so very rich and expensive. I am getting out my spray paint cans soon for a marathon of painting stuff from the woods for Christmas decorating so your post is such good inspiration for me. Gonna go look at your other party going on now too.

  7. says

    I love your wreath….and jealous that you have all the pine cones you could ever want … I had to buy some!!..and talk about spray painting nature…there is still a large white spot in the yard from me painting a table and not using a drop cloth…it will disappear once we have our first snow!

  8. Jamie Wyatt says

    Wish I’d seen this last week! I just threw away a “dead” centerpiece that would have been AWESOME sprayed gold!


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