Shabby chic Christmas Home tour

;I am giddy with delight to have Melanie, from Sweet Melanie over at my place today.

I shared Melanie’s shabby chic style home tour back when she first started blogging.

However, I was really excited to share her Shabby Chic Christmas home tour with you now.

This gal is a true diy’er and there have been some changes since.

ENJOY, and welcome Melanie.

Debbie from Debbiedoo’s has asked for a mini home tour…I am so very blessed to have met her on Rate My Space many years ago through HGTV.  She has been such an inspirational person and has helped me with my blog.  What would I have ever done without her and the many times on the phone walking me through each step….Thanks Debbie!!!
So, here we go!


Welcome to our home for Chistmas in the mountains of West Virginia


Come on in….
One of our trees…done in whites, silvers and pale pinks. 
Our eat in kitchen is lively with lots of baking and laughter for the holidays…not a dull moment in this home.


All ready for the girls and their cookie decorating…
Our two girls….the best presents we could ever have!
One of our fireplace mantles….
The “little girls” room…


I made jar lights last year from some old jars that are truly vintage…my “Mammaw” had them when I was a little girl.  I am now 42….so there is the vintage for ya!
This is the back room all ready for Christmas presents for family members that we travel too.  It’s nice to have them seperated.
And our master…
I hope you’ve enjoyed a little bit of our home for Christmas….  I’ll be posting each room in the weeks to come. 
~Merry Christmas ~
Now I can just crawl right into bed and get very cozy here!
Thank you Melanie for having us over.
If you all have not met and been over to Sweet Melanie’s I would love for you to go on over and say hello.
Oh and I just Love Melanie’s tree too!
Makes me want to go shabbylicious this year.




  1. Tess Maxey says

    Wow!!! Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! She really should be in a magazine!! It’s like stepping into a winter wonderland dream!!!

  2. says

    Beautiful house, beautiful Melanie and as sweet Debb……… After a very long time I am here in blog land and so happy to see this beautiful house ..Melanie is such a crative person…

  3. says

    Melanie~your home is so beautiful…I love all of the white and light pinks and blues…and of course, you live in my old neck of the woods! Love all of the holiday touches :) It’s nice to see the Charleston snow…LOVE!

    • says

      Melanie, your home is so beautiful! Breathtakingly awesome. Your Christmas decor is snowy perfection. Please tell me this is last year’s photos. I am always behind and playing catch up! This southern gal can only dream of that outside pic. Thanks to you and Debbie for the magical tour.
      Blessings, Ginger

  4. Cathy says

    Stunning. It really is a winter wonderland. I am curious…Do you have any little ones that visit. All of that beautiful white would never last in my house. :)

    • Melanie says

      Thank you and yes we do. We also have a huge dog and a black cat that visit from outside as well from time to time, lol. The slipcovers just come off for an easy wash so no worries from spills or mishaps.

  5. says

    I love this!!! It is houses like this that made me want to do lots and lots of white for Christmas. I have tried for a few years now, but I don’t pull it off like this. I think this is gorgeous and looks like a happy white wonderland. If I had to pick a favorite part, and I’m glad I don’t… I would choose the sideboard with the pictures on it and the mirror over it. I love that. I love it all.

    Thanks for opening your home to the blog peepers.

    And Debbie, I did finally get one Dollar Tree craft done. Nothing like being the heel dragger of blog land…

  6. says

    Melanie, your home is so beautiful and you have done such an amazing job decorating it for Christmas…it definitely is a “dreamy White Christmas showcase”!!!…Debbie, thanks for presenting Melanie’s home today…I so enjoyed touring her wonderful home!

  7. Claudie says

    Hi just love your decoration but réal l’y dont think fast and cheap looks expensive especially curtains and bedspreads cant find these sorts ni France for cheap thankyou for sharing tape care

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